Kentucky Fishing License: Requirements and Regulations

kentucky fishing license

A fishing license is essential if you plan to fish in Kentucky. Before you purchase one, you should know which type of license you need as well as the state’s fishing regulations. This guide will provide all the information you need about obtaining a Kentucky fishing licence.

Types of Kentucky Fishing Licenses

There are several types of fishing licenses available in Kentucky, including:

Resident Fishing Licence

This license is available to residents of Kentucky who wish to fish in Kentucky’s rivers, lakes, and streams.

Non-Resident Fishing Licence

Non-residents of Kentucky can also fish in Kentucky, but they must also purchase a fishing licence.

One-Day Fishing License

A one-day fishing permit is available for those who only plan to fish in Kentucky for a single day.

Youth Fishing License

Kentucky offers a discounted fishing licence for youths under 16 years old

Senior Fishing Licence

Kentucky residents over 65 years old can purchase a senior fishing licence at a reduced rate.

How to get a Kentucky fishing license

A Kentucky fishing license can be purchased online at the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website or in person at a licensed vendor. You can also call the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife customer support number to purchase a license.


To order a fishing licence online, you will need to create an account at the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website. Once you log in, you will be able to select the type and payment information you wish to use. Once you have purchased your license, you will receive an email confirmation with your license information.

In Person

A licensed vendor such as a sporting goods shop or bait shop can sell you a fishing licence. The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website has a list of licensed vendors.

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By phone

You can also order a fishing licence by phone by calling the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife customer support number. You will need to provide your personal information and payment information over the telephone. Once you have confirmed your order, you will receive an email with your license information.

Kentucky Fishing Regulations

It is important to be familiar with Kentucky’s fishing regulations before you go fishing. These are the most important rules to remember:

Bag and Size Limits

Kentucky has size and bag limits for many species. For largemouth bass, the bag limit is 5 fish per day and the size limit is 12 inches. Before you go fishing, make sure you are aware of the size and bag limits for each species of fish.

Fishing Seasons

Certain species of fish in Kentucky have their own fishing seasons during which they are legal to be caught. The fishing season for trout is October 1 through March 31 in Kentucky. Be sure to know the fishing seasons for each species of fish that you are interested in catching.

Catch and Release Fishing

Kentucky has a catch-and-release program for certain species, including sturgeon and musky. You must immediately release any fish caught in these species. Be sure to know which species are included in the catch and release program.

Restrictions on Fishing Gear

Some Kentucky bodies of water have gear restrictions. These include limits on the number and types of lures, hooks, or flies that you can use. You should be aware of the gear restrictions applicable to the body of water where you plan to fish.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kentucky Fishing Licenses

What is the cost for a Kentucky fishing license?

The cost of a Kentucky fishing license varies depending on which type you choose. Non-resident licenses start from $55, while resident licenses start around $20.

Are I required to have a fishing permit if I am under 16 years of age?

Kentucky does not require a fishing license for children under 16 years old. However, they must comply with all fishing regulations.

Can I fish on my own land without a license?

If you are fishing on private property, you don’t need to have a fishing licence. However, you must still comply with all fishing regulations.

How long does a fishing permit last?

Kentucky fishing licenses are valid for one-year from the date of purchase.


It’s easy to get a Kentucky fishing permit. However, it is important to be familiar with the state’s fishing regulations before you go. You can enjoy a safe and enjoyable fishing trip regardless of whether you are a resident or not.

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