Guide to Obtaining a Missouri Fishing License

missouri fishing license

Missouri is a fishing paradise with its vast array of waterways that are teeming full of fish. All anglers must have a Missouri fishing license to enjoy the thrill of fishing. This comprehensive guide will cover all details necessary to obtain and use a Missouri fishing licence.

Understanding Missouri Fishing License

A Missouri fishing permit is a permit that allows a person to legally fish in Missouri’s public waterways. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), issues this license to all anglers over 15. The license fee is determined by several factors such as the validity period, residency status and age of the fishermen.

Types of Missouri Fishing License

There are many types of Missouri fishing permits you can get. These include:

Resident fishing license:

Only Missouri residents can apply for this license. A resident is someone who has been in Missouri for at most thirty days.

Non-Resident Fishing Licence:

Non-residents of Missouri can apply for this license to fish in Missouri’s public waters. Non-residents are those who have not been in Missouri for more than thirty days.

License for fishing for life:

Non-residents and residents of all ages can apply for lifetime fishing licenses. This license gives anglers permanent fishing rights in Missouri.

Annual, Multi-Year, and Three-Day Fishing Licences:

This type of license is valid for a specified period. The license fee varies depending on the length. An annual license is valid for twelve months. Multi-year licenses can be used for three years. Three-day licenses can be used for three consecutive days.

How to get a Missouri Fishing License

There are many ways to get a Missouri fishing licence. You can order your Missouri fishing license online, in-person, or by mail.

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Visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website at to obtain your fishing license online. Follow the prompts to order your license. You will need to enter your personal information such as name, address, date of birth, and current residency status. You will also have to pay the license fee with a valid credit card. You will receive your electronic fishing license via email to your email address. You can print it or save it as a digital file on your phone.

In Person

Visit any MDC office or authorized vendor near you to obtain a Missouri fishing licence in person. If you are a resident, you will need to provide your personal information as well as proof of residency. You can pay the license fee by check, credit card, or cash. A paper copy of your fishing licence will be sent to you.

By Mail:

You can print and complete the MDC license application form to obtain a Missouri fishing licence by mail. Send the completed form along with all required documents and a check/money order for the license fee, to the MDC address indicated on the form. Your fishing license will be sent to you by mail.

Missouri Fishing License Regulations

You must comply with all fishing regulations once you have obtained a Missouri fishing licence. These regulations were put in place to ensure sustainable fishing and the conservation of fish populations. The following are some of the Missouri fishing license regulations:

Catch-and-Release Regulations:

Missouri has catch-and-release regulations for some water bodies. This means that you must immediately release any fish caught from these waters.

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Slot Limits

A slot limit is a restriction on how large fish can be kept. The limit is usually within a certain range of fish sizes. Fish outside this range must be released.

Bag Limits:

After a successful fishing trip, a bag limit is the maximum amount of fish you can bring home. These limits can vary depending on the fish species and where they are located. You must adhere to them.

Fishing Seasons

Some fish species also have their own fishing seasons. Some fish are at risk during their spawning season and it is illegal to catch them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of a Missouri fishing licence?

A: The cost for a Missouri fishing licence varies depending on many factors, including residency status, length, and age.

Q: Is there any exemption to the Missouri fishing licence requirement?

A: Missouri’s fishing license requirements may be exempted for certain individuals. These include anglers younger than 16 years old, anglers with qualifying disabilities and Missouri’s National Guard members in full-time active service status.

Q: Can I fish in Missouri if I don’t have a valid fishing licence?

A: You cannot legally fish in Missouri without a valid fishing licence. Violation of this regulation can result in stiff penalties, fines, and even imprisonment.


All anglers who wish to enjoy the pleasures of fishing in Missouri’s public waters should have a Missouri fishing license. It is easy to obtain this license and there are many ways you can do so. Once you have your fishing license, you must follow all fishing regulations in order to ensure sustainable fishing and conservation.

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