Get Your Washington Fishing License: 7 Easy Steps!

washington fishing license

What are the basics of a Washington Fishing License and what can you do to get one?

Washington fishing is a great way for you to enjoy nature and spend your time. Before you start, it is important to be familiar with the requirements and regulations for obtaining a Washington fishing license. You can avoid fines and ensure your safety on the water by knowing the laws and regulations. We will be discussing what a Washington Fishing License is, how to get one, when to apply for one, and the most frequently asked questions regarding Washington fishing licenses.

What is a Washington Fishing License and how do you get it?

A Washington Fishing License allows you to participate in recreational fishing within Washington. You will need to pay a fee and provide personal data such as your name and address. The license is valid for the current license period, which runs from April 1, to December 31, of the same year. A fishing license is intended to ensure that sport fishing is properly managed. To protect the environment and fish populations, anglers must adhere to certain regulations. These regulations include catch and size limits as well as rules about bait and tackle.

How to get a Washington Fishing License

A Washington fishing license can be obtained in one of three ways: online or by phone.


Visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website to purchase a license online. You will find an easy to use interactive license ordering form that allows you to specify the type of license and your personal information. After your application has been accepted, you will receive a fishing licence that can be printed.

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By phone

You can also buy a fishing licence by calling the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. 1-888-933-9247 is the customer service number. The customer service staff will gladly assist you in obtaining the license you need.

In Person

You can also purchase a fishing licence in person at any Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife office. These offices can provide the license you require and answer any questions about fishing regulations or other topics.

What are the best times to get a fishing license?

Anyone who wishes to fish in Washington must have a Washington fishing license. There are some exceptions. These exceptions are: * Children under 14 years old * Fishing on your own property * Fishing on designated public access lakes * Disabled veterans and persons with developmental disabilities * Active duty military personnel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the cost of a Washington Fishing License?

A: The cost for a Washington Fishing License will vary depending on the type of license you choose and other factors such as your age or residency status. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website has the most current list of fees for Washington fishing licences.

Q2: How long does the Washington Fishing License last for?

A: Washington Fishing Licenses are valid for the current license years, which runs from April 1 through December 31.

Q3: Do I need separate licenses for each species of fish that I want to catch?

A: In general, no. You can fish for any species of fish in the waters that you fish by purchasing either a saltwater or freshwater fishing license. There are exceptions. Additional authorizations are required if you fish for raptor, sturgeon, goose or elk.

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Q4: Do I need my fishing license to fish?

A: Yes. A law requires that you always have your fishing license on you and that you show it to a Fish and Wildlife Officer if asked.

Q5: Can I purchase a fishing licence for someone else?

A: Yes. A fishing license can be purchased for another person as long as they have their full name, address and date of birth.

Q6: Is there any restriction on where I can fish with my Washington Fishing License?

A: Yes. A Washington Fishing License allows you to fish in most of the state’s freshwater and saltwater areas. However, there are certain areas that are restricted to anglers. Before you fish in new areas, make sure to review the regulations to ensure you are following all local laws.

Q7: What happens if I lose my Washington Fishing License

A: To replace your license if it is lost or damaged, visit your local Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife office.

Q8: Can I purchase a fishing licence at a sporting goods shop?

A: Yes. A lot of sporting goods shops in Washington now sell fishing licences.

Q9: What happens to me if I don’t have a valid fishing license?

A: Fishing without a valid license is illegal. Offenders could face legal action, including fines or time in jail.

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