Free Fish: Understanding the Benefits of Having One

free fish

Fish are a great companion for pet lovers. Fish are not only low maintenance but also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They look great in any home. The best part is you can get them free!

What is free fish?

Free fish is simply fish that you can get without paying anything. These fish are often given away by pet owners who don’t want them anymore or are unable to care for them. You can find free fish at events, auctions and from fish farmers looking to give some of their stock away.

Free Fish: Benefits

1. Cost-effective

You will save money by not having to pay for the fish. This allows you to use your budget for other essential fishkeeping equipment, such as a tank, aquarium filter and fish feed.

2. Easy to Care for

Fish require less maintenance than other pets like dogs and cats. You only have to change the water, feed the fish regularly, and clean the aquarium every now and then.

3. Aesthetically appealing

Free fish are available in many different colours and species. They can enhance the beauty of your home. You can choose a fish to complement your interior design.

Find Free Fish

1. Online Communities

Online communities, such as online forums, social media platforms, and groups, can be a good source of free fish. You might find other fish enthusiasts who will give their fish away for free. The added benefit is that they may teach you something new about fishkeeping.

2. Classified Ad Websites

Craigslist, Kijiji and Gumtree are classified ad sites that can be used to find free fish. You can search for ads that offer free fish in your area and arrange to buy the fish from the seller. To ensure your safety, you should be cautious when dealing strangers.

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3. Local Fish Stores

Local fish shops or aquarium stores may often give away free fish if they have an overstock. Ask your local shops if there are any free fish that can be adopted.

Care for Free Fish

1. Tank Size

It’s essential to provide your fish with a tank that is large enough to allow them to swim comfortably. The minimum recommended tank size for most species of fish is 20 gallons. However, this can change depending on the fish you have.

2. Water Quality

Fish are sensitive to changes in the water quality. Poor water quality can make fish ill or even cause them to die. You should check the pH, temperature and ammonia levels in the water regularly. It is also important to change the water regularly in the tank.

3. Feeding

It is important to feed your fish for their overall health and growth. Overfeeding may cause health problems, such as obesity. Underfeeding will result in weak and malnourished fish. Research the dietary requirements of your specific species of fish and feed them accordingly.

4. Tank Decorations

Aquarium decorations, such as shells and plants, can enhance the aesthetics of your tank but also serve a practical and psychological function for your fish. They can reduce stress and aggression in your fish by providing them with hiding places and shelter.


You can add free fish to your home without spending a lot of money. They are low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and easy to take care of, making them a great pet for busy people. Remember to feed them, provide a suitable tank and maintain the water’s quality.

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