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fly fishing pyramid lake

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Fly fishing Pyramid Lake can be a fun and exciting activity for all levels of anglers. This stunning lake is located in western Nevada and offers a unique fishing opportunity for avid anglers. Pyramid Lake, with its crystal-clear waters and abundant trout populations, is considered one of America’s best fly fishing destinations.


Pyramid Lake is the largest natural lake of Nevada. It is a vast alkaline lake covering approximately 125,000 acres. The Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, known for their size and fighting spirit, are the most famous fish in the lake. The lake is located within the boundaries the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Reservation. A fishing permit is needed to access the lake.

Fly Fishing Techniques

To maximize your chances of catching fish, you need to use specific techniques. The most common method is “hucking,” where you cast large, heavy flies deep into the lake. Anglers use heavy sinking line to reach the desired depth due to the strong wind that is common in this area.

Fly Selection

It is important to choose patterns that mimic the prey of Lahontan cutthroat Trout when it comes time to select flies. Anglers often choose wooly buggers, nymphs, and streamers in different colors. You can determine the type of fly that is most effective by experimenting with different sizes and patterns.


Trolling is another effective technique to fly fish Pyramid Lake. Trolling involves fishing while moving slowly through the water in a boat or float-tube. Trolling allows the angler to cover more area and increase their chances of attracting trout. Downriggers and lead-core lines can be used to maintain the desired depth range.

Seasons and weather conditions

Pyramid Lake is open all year round, but fall, winter and spring are the best times to fly fish. The water temperature is cooler and the trout more active during this time. The summer months are usually hot and humid, which results in a reduced amount of fish activity.

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Fly anglers have excellent opportunities to catch Lahontan cutthroat Trout in the fall when they migrate close to shorelines. This season is ideal for those who are looking to catch trophy-sized fish due to the cooler temperatures and less fishing pressure. Fall is the best time to use larger streamers, wooly buggers and darker shades.


The winter fishing at Pyramid Lake is a unique experience. The colder temperatures of the water bring the trout to the surface and make them more accessible for fly anglers. Patience and persistence is key during this time, as the fish are less active. Winter fly fishing is popular with chironomids, midge patterns, and balanced leeches.


Spring is a season of transition at Pyramid Lake. The weather and water conditions are changing. As the water warms up, trout become more active. They also start feeding more aggressively. This is a great time to experiment with different flies such as hares’ ears nymphs and wooly worms. Early spring storms can increase wind speeds. Anglers must adapt their casting technique to the changing conditions.

Equipment and Gear

The right gear and equipment is crucial for a successful experience of fly fishing at Pyramid Lake. Here is a list of essential items to consider:

Fly Rod and Reel

Choose a fly rod with a weight rating of 7 to 9 that can handle large fish and cast larger flies. Pyramid Lake is a popular place to use a 9-10 foot rod with a 7-9 weight rating. Make sure the reel has a smooth-drag system to handle the powerful runs of the trout.

Fly Line

A sinking line is necessary because fishing at Pyramid Lake requires casting large, heavy flies. To reach the desired depths, type 6 or 7 sinking lines should be used. It is important to match the fly line weight with the rod for optimal performance.

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Flies and Terminal Tackle

Carry a wide variety of flies in different colors and sizes, such as wooly buggers and streamers. In your tackle box, you should also have a variety of hooks and leaders, as well as tippets, indicators and weights.

Regulations and Permits

It’s important to know the rules and regulations of fly fishing before you venture out on Pyramid Lake. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Fisheries Department supervises the fishery, and sets rules to ensure sustainability of the ecosystem.

Fishing Permit

All anglers must purchase a fishing license. These permits can be purchased from various vendors, or online via the official website of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. The permit fees go towards fishery management and conservation.

Bag Size Limitations

Pyramid Lake has set specific size and bag limits for Lahontan cutthroat. To protect the fishery, it’s important to follow these restrictions. Anglers are advised to consult the most recent fishing regulations in order to become familiar with the current restrictions and limits.

Best Fishing Spots

Pyramid Lake has a variety of fishing spots with their own unique challenges and characteristics. Here are some popular locations worth exploring:

The Nets

The Nets is a popular fishing spot at Pyramid Lake. It is located at the northern end of Pyramid Lake, making it easy to access for anglers. This area is ideal for fly fishing because of the numerous submerged rock formations that attract Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.

Spider Point

Spider Point is a peninsula that extends out into Pyramid Lake. It provides increased shoreline access as well as the chance to cast your fly into deeper waters. Spider Point offers a variety of fishing conditions for anglers who are looking to catch trophy-sized trout.

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North Nets Beach

North Nets Beach has become a popular destination for anglers looking for productive fishing grounds. The shallow waters and drop offs in this area provide ideal feeding opportunities for Lahontan cutthroat. Fly fishermen have success when they target cruising fish near the shore.

Tips and Recommendations

Here are some tips to enhance your fly-fishing experience at Pyramid Lake.

Weather Awareness

Be aware of the weather conditions in Pyramid Lake. Checking the weather forecast and being prepared is important for your comfort and safety.

Patience and Persistence

Fly fishing can be challenging. Patience and perseverance are important traits to have, as it can take time to find the feeding schools of fish or to attract their attention. Continue to experiment with different approaches, and adapt when necessary.

Local Guides and Information

Consider hiring a local guide if you are new to Pyramid Lake, or if you want to improve your skills. Experienced guides will provide valuable insight, help you navigate the Lake, and increase your odds of landing trophy-sized Lahontan cutthroat Trout.

Catch and Release

Pyramid Lake encourages catch-and-release. By releasing fish back into water, you help to ensure the future of the fishery.


Fly fishing Pyramid Lake is an unforgettable experience for those who are looking to encounter Lahontan cutthroats. This iconic lake in Nevada continues attracting fishing enthusiasts from around the world because of its stunning scenery, unique techniques, and abundance of fish. By following the rules, having the right gear and using the correct fly fishing techniques at Pyramid Lake, you can maximize the chances of your success and create lasting memory.

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