Fishing Terraria: The Ultimate Guide

fishing terraria

If you are a Terraria fan, you probably already know the joys of fishing. Did you know that Terraria fishing is more than a simple pastime? Terraria Fishing can be a lucrative and rewarding activity with the right gear, location, and preparation. This guide will take you through all aspects of Terraria Fishing, from the basics to advanced techniques to catch powerful and rare fish.

Why Fish in Terraria?

Why should you bother fishing in Terraria? There are several reasons to start playing the fishing game.

1. Food:

In Terraria, fish is a great food source. You can cook many of the fish that you catch into dishes to restore health, mana or other stats.

2. Fishing Quests

Throughout the game you will be asked by various NPCs to catch certain fish in exchange of rewards. Completing these missions can earn you valuable coins and items.

3. Bait:

Terraria’s fishing requires bait. This can also be used for other purposes, such as attracting insects and other creatures.

4. Items:

Terraria offers a wide variety of fish that can be combined to create powerful weapons, accessories, and tools.

How to Start Fishing in Terraria

You need to set up a few things before you can start fishing.

1. Building a Fishing Spot

You need to have a body water at least 75 tiles wide in Terraria in order to fish. You can make your own fishing ponds by digging a hole, filling it up with water and then putting the lid on. You can also use the natural bodies of water in your area.

2. Buying Fishing Gear

To get started, you’ll need a rod, some bait, and a few accessories. The basic fishing rod is made from wood and silk. Bait can be obtained by killing monsters or breaking grass.

3. Find a Good Location

Terraria’s water bodies are not all created equal. Depending on the type fish you are trying to catch, some locations are better than others for fishing.

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Fishing Equipment

You’ll need a few basic items to catch fish in Terraria. Here’s the equipment you’ll need to start:

Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is a very important tool for fishing in Terraria. There are many different types of fishing poles, from the basic celestial rod to the more basic wood rod. The durability, accuracy and fishing power of different rods vary.


Bait is used to lure fish to your fishing rod. The better your bait, the greater the chance you have of catching rare and powerful fish. Terraria offers a variety of baits including worms and grasshoppers.


Terraria has a number of accessories that will help you fish. Sonar Potion allows you to see the type of fish in the water, before you cast your fishing line. The Angler Tackle bag increases your fishing power by storing extra bait and fishing poles.

Fishing Quests & Rewards

Throughout the game you will be asked by various NPCs to catch certain fish for them. These quests can earn valuable items, coins and fishing gear. The Angler NPC is the most notable fishing quest provider. He will appear randomly in different biomes, and ask you to catch specific fish for rewards. The rewards can range from building materials and useful potions to rare weapons and tools.

Advanced Fishing Techniques

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Terraria Fishing, you can explore more advanced techniques to catch the best fish.

Fishing Traps

Fishing traps can be placed in water to automatically catch fish. They are made of wood and work best in the ocean biome.

Fishing Poles

Fishing poles are an upgraded version of the basic rod. They are more durable, accurate, and have greater fishing power.

Fishing Crates

Fishing crates can be caught when fishing. They can contain valuable items such as potions, ores, and rare fishing equipment.

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Tips and Tricks to Effective Fishing

Here are some tips to help you become an expert angler in Terraria.

1. Cast in different locations:

Terraria has different types of fish in each body of water. Cast your line at different locations to maximize the chances of catching rare species.

2. Increase your chances of success by using bait:

Better bait will attract more fish. Use the best bait that you can find or create.

3. Attention to the weather and time

During certain weather conditions or at certain times, certain types of fish will be more visible.


If you enjoy fishing in Terraria, it can be a rewarding experience. Whether you are in it for the food or the Quest rewards or just the thrill of catching powerful and rare fish, there is something for everyone. You’ll soon become a master Terraria angler by following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide.

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