Fishing San Diego: The Ultimate Destination for Anglers

fishing san diego

San Diego fishing is a unique experience. San Diego, with its beautiful coastlines and abundance of fish, is considered one of the best fishing destinations in the United States.

San Diego, located in Southern California offers fishing opportunities to anglers at all levels throughout the year. This world-famous destination for fishing has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional.

When is the best time to go fishing in San Diego?

Let’s start by talking about the best time of year to go fishing in San Diego. You can fish in this area all year round, but the best time to catch fish is usually in the spring and summer. The water temperature is higher and the fish are more active during this time.

Don’t let the colder weather deter you from fishing. Winter fishing can be excellent for certain species like yellowtail, rockfish and sandbass.

San Diego Fishing Types

San Diego has a variety of fish that can be caught. San Diego is home to a variety of fish species.

  1. Yellowfin Tuna
  2. Yellowfin Tuna is one of the most popular fishes in San Diego. It can be caught all year round. Some of these fish can reach a weight of over 100 pounds. These fish are usually found offshore, and can be caught either by trolling or fishing live bait.

  3. Dorado
  4. Dorado, also known as Mahi Mahi can be found in the offshore waters of the summer. These fish are known to make acrobatic leaps and have beautiful colors. You can catch them by trolling or throwing lures.

  5. Calico Bass
  6. Calico Bass is a popular gamefish in San Diego. They can be caught all year round, but are more active during the summer months. You can catch these fish by casting lures near the kelp beds.

  7. Yellowtail
  8. Yellowtails are a common fish found in San Diego. They are usually found in the offshore waters. Typically, they are caught by trolling and fishing with live bait. These fish can grow to be quite large. Some of them even exceed 40 pounds.

  9. Rockfish
  10. San Diego has both shallow and deep water where you can find rockfish. Vermillion, Copper and Bocaccio are just a few of the species. These fish are usually caught by fishing near structures or reefs.

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Best Fishing Spots In San Diego

San Diego offers a variety of fishing spots, including jetties, piers and boats. Here are the best places to go fishing in San Diego.

  1. La Jolla Cove
  2. La Jolla Cove in San Diego is a popular fishing spot. There are many fish to be found here, including Yellowtails, Calico Basses, and Rockfish. The area can be crowded and the water can be turbulent.

  3. Oceanside Pier
  4. The Oceanside Pier offers a wide variety of fish species. Locals and tourists love it. You can catch anything from Rockfish to Yellowtail.

  5. Point Loma Kelp Beds
  6. The Point Loma Kelp Beds are home to some of the best Calico Bass Fishing in San Diego. These kelp bed are only accessible by boat. It’s best to hire a fishing charter if you want to make the most of this area.

  7. Mission Bay Jetty
  8. The Mission Bay Jetty offers great fishing opportunities from the shore. It has a variety fish species including Rockfish, Calico Bass, and Halibut.

  9. Coronado Islands
  10. The Coronado islands are located just south from San Diego, and offer some the best Yellowtail fishing around. These islands can only be reached by boat. It’s best to call a local charter and ask them to take you.


Every angler should put fishing in San Diego on their bucket list. San Diego offers year-round fishing, a variety of fish species and beautiful scenery. It is the ideal destination for fishing enthusiasts.

San Diego offers something for every level, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional. San Diego’s piers, jetties and offshore waters offer a variety fishing opportunities that will keep you coming back.

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What are you waiting for? San Diego is the perfect place to go fishing!

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