Fishing Rod Minecraft: The Ultimate Guide

fishing rod minecraft

The fishing rod is a must-have tool for those who want to explore the aquatic world of Minecraft. The fishing rod allows players to catch fish, find treasure, and create various other items. This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need about fishing rod Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Fishing Rod?

Minecraft Fishing Rod allows players to catch fish and other items from water. It can be made using sticks and string, and its durability can be increased by enchanting the rod in the enchanting desk.

How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft?

To make a fishing rod in Minecraft, players will need three sticks and 2 strings. The sticks can be obtained by placing wooden planks on a crafting table. Strings can be obtained from spiders and cobwebs.

Here is a recipe for fishing rod Minecraft.

How to Use Fishing Rod Minecraft

The fishing rod in Minecraft is very easy to use. The fishing rod is equipped by placing it on the hotbar. Right-click the mouse to cast the fishing rod. Wait for the fishing line to sink and then right-click to reel it in. The bobber will show you if you have caught a fish, or any other item. You can then collect it.

What can you catch with fishing rod Minecraft?

Here are some items that players can catch using the fishing rod in Minecraft:


Fishing rod Minecraft lets players catch different types of fish including salmon, tropical fish and cod. The fish can either be eaten or traded with the villagers for emeralds.

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Treasure Items

The fishing rod in Minecraft can be used to catch treasures. These include enchanted book, saddles and name tags, tripwires hooks, as well as hearts of the ocean.


The player can also catch junk such as leather boot, sticks, string and rotten meat. These items are not used in the game, but they can be traded with other villagers or used as fuel.

Fishing Rod Minecraft Enchantment

By enchanting the Minecraft fishing rod, players can increase the durability of the rod, improve its fishing speed, and increase their chances of catching valuable items. Here are a few enchantments you can apply to the fishing rod in Minecraft:


The Lure enchantment can reduce the time it takes for a fish bite. It increases the frequency with which fish appear and reduces the amount of time needed to catch them.

Luck of the Sea

The Luck of the Sea enchantment increases your chances of catching loot of higher level, including treasures.


The Unbreaking enchantment increases durability of the fishing pole Minecraft. This means it will last longer and need fewer repairs.

Fishing Rod Minecraft Uses

The fishing rod in Minecraft is used for more than just catching fish or treasures. Here are a few of its uses:

Crossing Water Bodies

The fishing rod Minecraft can be used to cross water bodies. Cast it into the water, then climb onto the bobber which acts as a boat.

Killing Non-Hostile mobs

The fishing rod Minecraft can be used to damage non-hostile mobs like pigs and cows. It does little damage and is not recommended to hunt hostile mobs.

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Fishing Rod Minecraft Tips

Here are some tips to help you use the Minecraft fishing rod effectively:

Fishing in different weather conditions is more productive

The productivity of fishing in Minecraft changes with the weather. On rainy days players are more likely than not to catch fish. The chances of catching treasures also increase on stormy days.

Fishing at night

If you fish at night, your chances of catching rare objects such as saddles or enchanted book are increased.

Patience is the Key

It can take a while to catch anything. It is important to continue trying and to wait until the fishing bobber sinks before reeling the line in.

Use Enchantment for Maximum Fishing Rod Minecraft

Enchanting your fishing rod in Minecraft can maximize its potential. It will increase its durability, speed of fishing, and the chances of catching rare objects. Enchantments can make fishing more efficient and profitable.


The fishing rod is an essential tool for Minecraft players who want to explore the aquatic world of the game. It allows players to catch different types of fish and treasures, as well as cross water bodies. By following the above tips and using enchantments, players can maximize their potential and enjoy fishing. This guide should have helped you understand everything about fishing rods in Minecraft.

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