Fishing Rod in Terraria

fishing rod in terraria

Terraria, a popular sandbox-style game, offers a variety of activities and adventures. Fishing is one of the many activities that players can do. Fishing is a relaxing, enjoyable activity in Terraria. To enhance this experience, players should use fishing rods. This article will cover everything you need to know about Terraria’s fishing rods.

What is a fishing rod?

In Terraria, a fishing rod is an important tool. It allows players catch a variety fish in the different bodies of water throughout the game. Fishing rods are available in different types, with varying stats and abilities. Take a look at the different fishing rods in Terraria.

Wooden fishing rod

The wooden fishing rod in Terraria is the most basic of all fishing rods. New players are most likely to use it when they first start their fishing adventure. The wooden fishing pole has a low power of fishing and can only catch common species. It is simple to make and can be made from basic materials like wood and gel.

Reinforced fishing rod

The upgraded wooden fishing rod is the reinforced fishing rod. It has a greater fishing power and can catch more fish. The reinforced fishing pole is made from iron bars and can only be obtained by players who have access to iron ore. The wooden fishing rod is significantly upgraded and allows players to catch a greater variety of fish.

Fiberglass Fishing Rod

The fiberglass fishing pole is a mid-tier rod in Terraria. It can catch rarer and more powerful fish than the reinforced fishing pole. To make a fiberglass rod, players must collect silk and cobwebs from spiders found in underground caves. This rod is perfect for players who want to catch unique and valuable fish.

Golden Fishing Rod

The golden fishing pole is one of the most powerful fishing rods in Terraria. It has a powerful fishing power that allows players to catch rarer and more valuable species. The golden fishing rod can be crafted from gold bars that are obtained by melting gold ore. This is a major upgrade over previous fishing rods, and a goal of many Terrarians.

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Fishing Power and Critter Catch Rates

Each fishing rod in Terraria has a fishing strength associated with it. The fishing power determines what kind of fish you can catch. The higher the fishing ability, the greater the chance of catching rarer species. Fishing power can also affect the Critter Capture rate, which determines your chances of catching insects such as fireflies and butterflies. Fishing rods that have higher fishing power also have a greater Critter Capture rate.

Accessories and Equipment for Fishing

Terraria offers a variety of accessories and equipment that can enhance the fishing experience. These accessories can provide bonuses and effects to improve fishing power and increase your chances of catching rare species. Take a look at the most notable Terraria fishing accessories.

Fisherman’s Pocket Guide

The Fisherman’s Pocket Guide provides a +4% bonus to fishing power. You can find it in chests located in the ocean biome. This accessory can be a great addition to any fisherman’s setup and help them catch more fish.

Fish Finder

The Fish Finder can be used to fish in Terraria. It gives a +5% bonus to fishing power and can display information about nearby fish. This can be extremely helpful when searching for specific fish types or rare catches.

Angler Tackle Bag

Angler Tackle Bags are accessories that increase fishing power by 10% and provide additional benefits, such as increased bait power or reduced bait consumption. The Angler NPC rewards you with this bag when you complete a certain number fishing quests. This accessory is highly desired by avid fisherman as it offers significant bonuses and makes the fishing process more efficient.

Sitting Duck’s fishing pole

The Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole can only be obtained by completing a quest with the Angler NPC. It is a fishing pole with a high power of 35%, and one of the best in the game. This pole increases the chance of catching bait when fishing, making it an invaluable tool for avid fishermen.

Fishing Bait

To effectively fish in Terraria players will need bait. Bait is a vital component of fishing and can increase your chances of catching fish. Each bait type has its own fishing bonus. Here are some of the most common types of Terraria bait.

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Terraria offers a simple form of bait in the form of worms. Pickaxes can be used to dig in dirt or stones blocks to find worms. Worms can be used for catching common fish. They have a fishing strength of +5%. Beginners who are just beginning their fishing journey will find them a great choice.


Fireflies can be used as bait in Terraria. These glowing critters are caught with a Bug Net and have a fishing strength of +10%. Fireflies can be a great option for players who are looking to catch fish that have higher rarity or value.

Master Bait

Master Bait is an extremely powerful and rare bait that can enhance fishing in Terraria. It can be obtained through combining different types of bait. Master Bait is highly prized by fishermen who want to increase their chances of catching rare fish.

Enchanted Nightcrawler

The Enchanted Nightcrawler, a special bait in Terraria, is available to players. It is primarily used to catch fish in hardmode. The Enchanted Nightcrawler is made by combining a fallen star with a worm, which you can find at night in Terraria. This bait is perfect for players who want to catch more valuable and unique fish.

Fishing Quests & Rewards

Terraria offers players the chance to earn rewards by participating in fishing quests. The Angler NPC can be found at a randomly generated location within the game. He can provide you with fishing quests. Fishing quests can be completed to earn rewards like fishing equipment, accessories, and rare fish. Fishing quests give players an additional goal and enhance the Terraria fishing experience.

Tips for Successful Fishing

Terraria’s fishing can be challenging, especially if you want to catch rare or valuable fish. With the right strategies and tactics, players can improve their chances of success. Here are some tips that will help you become an expert fisherman in Terraria.

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1. Use the best fishing rod you can afford

It is important to use a fishing pole with high power when catching rare fish. Upgrade your fishing rod to increase your chances of catching valuable species as you progress through the game.

2. Use baits with high fishing power

You will have a much better chance of catching rare species if you use baits with high fishing power. Use the best bait you can find to ensure a successful fishing trip.

3. Fishing in the right places

Terraria has different fish populations in different bodies of water. Use a fishing guide to find fish or the Fish Finder accessory. By fishing in the right places, you increase your chances of catching rare species.

4. Complete fishing quests

You can earn valuable rewards by completing fishing quests. This will help you to progress in fishing. Take on fishing quests given by the Angler NPC in order to improve your fishing experience and obtain unique items.

5. Attention to the weather and time

Terraria has certain fish that can only be caught in specific weather conditions, or at certain times. Keep an eye out for the weather and time in-game to maximize your chances at catching certain fish.

6. Use fishing potions

Fishing potions can temporarily boost your fishing power. Use fishing potions during important fishing trips to increase your chances of catching rare species.

7. Build fishing farms

Building fishing farms will provide you with a dedicated area for fishing, and increase your chances to catch specific fish. Use biome-specific blocks or artificial ponds to attract specific fish.

In conclusion

Terraria’s fishing rods are essential for a relaxing and rewarding experience. There are many options to choose from, ranging from the basic wooden rod to the powerful gold fishing rod. Along with fishing rods, accessories and bait can enhance the experience and help players catch valuable and rare fish. By following the tips in this article, Terraria players can become master fisherman and enjoy the benefits of fishing.

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