Fishing Red: The Thrilling Experience of Catching Big Red Fish

fishing red

Red fishing is an exciting experience that every angler must try at least once. Red drum, also known by the name red fish, is a popular fish found in coastal waters all over the world. The red color of their scales gives it its distinct name, and makes it a fish that every angler desires.

Red Fishing in the Best Places

You can find redfish in coastal waters, bays, estuaries and even rivers. The best time to catch them is during the summer and early autumn. They are mostly found in warm water. The following are some of the best places in the United States to fish for red fish:

  • Gulf Coast – Florida, Alabama and Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas
  • Atlantic Coast – South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina
  • Southern California Coastal Waters

Charter boats and fishing guides are available to help you find the best spots.

Red Fishing Techniques: The Best Fishing Techniques

Red fish can be caught using a variety of techniques. Live or cut bait such as mullet shrimp and blue crabs is the most common method. You can also use lures such as spoons and jigs.

A popping cork is an effective way to catch red fish. This rig is made up of a cork which makes a popping noise to attract fish. You can attach live or cut baits to the hook and the popping cork creates a disturbance in water that will attract the fish.

A good technique is to fish near structures. Red fish tend to congregate around rocks, pilings and oyster beds. Cast a jig, or live bait, near these structures in order to increase your chances of catching red fish.

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The best time of day to fish for redfish

The best time to catch red fish is in the early morning hours or late afternoon. They are more active and the temperature is cooler during these times. Plan your fishing trips accordingly. Red fish are more active at incoming tides.

What gear do you need to fish for red fish?

The equipment you need to catch red fish will depend on the technique you intend to use. You will need a rod with a strong line if you plan to use live or cut bait. A popping cork is also useful for attracting fish.

If you are planning to use lures you will need a rod that is rated for the weight of your lure. The best spinning tackle for red fish is light to medium.

Fishing Regulations for Red Fish

It is important that you are familiar with the fishing regulations in your region before you go redfish fishing. Red fish is a highly regulated species, and there are strict limits on the number of fish you can keep.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, sets fishing regulations in the United States for red fish. State regulations may vary, so check with your local wildlife agency to confirm before you go fishing.


Red fish fishing is an exciting experience that every angler must try at least once. The best places to catch red fish are coastal waters, estuaries and bays. Red fish can be caught using techniques such as popping corks or fishing around structures.

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Check fishing regulations in your region before you go redfish fishing. You can help maintain this highly sought after fish by following the rules and regulations.

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