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Are you a Pennsylvanian angler? It’s important that you are familiar with the requirements for fishing licenses in Pennsylvania. This article will walk you through the process of obtaining a fishing permit in Pennsylvania.

Why do you need a fishing license in Pennsylvania?

Before we get into the specifics, let’s first understand why a fishing licence is required. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is responsible for managing fish populations and conserving the state’s aquatic resources. The revenue generated by fishing licenses is vital for funding fishery preservation, stocking programmes, habitat enhancement projects, as well as other initiatives that maintain healthy fish populations and enhance recreational fishing experiences. By obtaining a license, you can contribute to the conservation of aquatic ecosystems as well as sustainable fishing practices.

Fishing License Types & Fees

Resident Fishing License

You will need to purchase a resident fishing permit if you live in Pennsylvania and plan to fish locally. This license is good for one year and costs $22.90 to individuals aged 16-64. For individuals 65 years and older, a reduced license is available for $11.90. A resident fishing license with a discount of $11.90 is available for those with disabilities. It is important to remember that you should always carry your license with you when fishing.

Non-Resident fishing license

You will need a nonresident fishing license if you are not a resident of Pennsylvania, but you wish to fish within the state. This license can be purchased for a variety of durations including 1-day, 3-day or 7-day periods. The fees for nonresident licenses can vary from $26.90 up to $68.90 depending on the length of time. Before planning your fishing trip, check the regulations and fees of non-resident licenses.

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Special Fishing Permits and Programs

The PFBC offers a variety of special programs and permits that cater to specific fishing interests and needs.

Trout/Salmon Permit

You will also need to have a valid fishing license if you intend to fish for salmon or trout. This permit costs $9.90 to residents and $26.90 to non-residents. It allows you access to waters that are stocked with these species.

Senior Lifetime License

A senior lifetime fishing permit is available to active Pennsylvania residents 65 years and older for $51.90. This license eliminates annual renewals, and allows you to enjoy fishing for a lifetime.

Voluntary Youth Fishing License

The PFBC encourages youth to participate in fishing by providing a voluntary youth license. This license costs $2.90, and allows young fishermen to enjoy the sport of fishing while also contributing to fishery preservation efforts.

Permits for the Aquatic Resource Enhancement Programme (AREP).

AREP permits can be obtained by individuals or organizations who are interested in enhancing the aquatic resources of Pennsylvania. This program allows the stocking fish in approved water, subject to permit regulations. AREP permits are subject to an application process, and fees can vary depending on what enhancements are planned.

Where to Buy a Fishing License

You may be wondering where you can buy Pennsylvania fishing licenses. Pennsylvania fishing licenses are available in different ways:

Online Shopping

You can purchase your fishing permit online via the official website of the PFBC. You can access the online system 24/7 and print your license instantly after purchase. Visit the PFBC site, click on the fishing licenses page, and then follow the prompts.

License Agents

The PFBC distributes licenses through licensed vendors in the state. These license agents include sporting good stores, bait shops, or other establishments that you can physically buy your fishing license. Check the PFBC’s website to find a list of agents in your area.

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PFBC Offices and Regional Service Centers

If you would prefer a face to face interaction or require assistance with the issuance of a license, you can visit a PFBC or regional service center. The PFBC’s headquarters in Harrisburg, as well as other regional offices throughout Pennsylvania, can assist you with obtaining your fishing license.

Fishing Regulations & Restrictions

It’s important to know the PFBC’s fishing regulations and restrictions now that you have a fishing license. These regulations were put in place to protect the fish population, maintain a balanced ecosystem, and ensure fair fishing opportunities. Some of the most important regulations to remember include:

Fishing seasons and limits

The PFBC establishes specific fishing seasons and catch limitations for different fish species. It is important to be familiar with local fishing regulations in order to avoid fishing during closed season or exceeding bag limits. These regulations help to preserve fish populations, and promote sustainable fisheries.

Fishing Gear

You must use legal gear and techniques when fishing in Pennsylvania waters. The regulations specify the types of fishing equipment that are acceptable, including fishing rods and lines, hooks and artificial baits. Understanding these restrictions is crucial to avoid accidental infractions.

Size and Creel Limits

The size and creel limit is set to control the number of fish and size that an angler can keep. These limits can vary depending on the species of fish and the waters in which you are fishing. It is important to know the size and creel limit in order to comply with regulations and promote sustainable practices.

Additional Fishing Resources

You can begin your angling adventure in Pennsylvania by becoming familiar with the Pennsylvania fishing regulations and license requirements. Several additional resources are available to enhance your fishing experience and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

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Pennsylvania Fishing Guide

The Pennsylvania Fishing Guide is published annually by PFBC and provides a comprehensive overview on fishing regulations, species identification and angling advice. The guide helps anglers to navigate fishing seasons, find appropriate fishing locations, and gain insight into specific fish species.

Website of the PFBC

The PFBC’s website is a great source of information about fishing. It provides detailed fishing reports, stocking plans, and interactive maps that will help you plan your fishing trip effectively. The website provides information on licensing, regulations, and other important announcements.

Forums and Communities for Fishing

By participating in online forums and communities, you can meet other anglers and learn from their experiences, tips and suggestions. These platforms offer opportunities to learn new fishing techniques, discover hotspots and foster camaraderie between anglers.

Local fishing clubs and associations

Joining local fishing associations and clubs can enhance your fishing experience by allowing you to attend exclusive events, tournaments and gatherings. These communities organize social events, conservation initiatives, and angler education programs to enhance the angling experiences while fostering a stewardship of the waters.


A fishing license is a must for any angler who wants to take advantage of the abundant fishing opportunities in Pennsylvania. You can help preserve aquatic ecosystems by adhering to fishing regulations and contributing towards fishery conservation. Remember to buy the right fishing license, follow the fishing regulations and take advantage of the other resources available to enhance the angling experience in PA. Tight lines and Happy Fishing!

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