Fishing License NY: A Complete Guide to Getting Your License

fishing license ny

You need a fishing permit NY if you plan to fish in New York. You could be fined for fishing without a license. Don’t worry, getting your fishing license in NY is simple and straightforward. This article will cover all the information you need about getting a fishing license in NY.

Why You Need A Fishing License NY

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation requires that all anglers older than 16 years old have a valid NY fishing license. Residents and non-residents are both included. The fishing license is used to fund conservation and management activities in the state that maintain healthy fish populations.

Types of fishing license NY

There are different types of fishing licenses NY depending on your residence and the duration. Here’s a quick overview:

Resident Fishing License NY

If you are a New York resident, you can buy a resident fishing licence NY. This license is valid from the date of purchase for one year.

Non-Resident fishing license NY

You need a non-resident NY fishing license if you are from out of the state. This license is valid one year after the date of purchase.

7-Day Fishing Licence NY

If you plan to visit New York for less than a week and want to fish you can buy a 7-day NY fishing license. This license is valid from the date of purchase for seven consecutive days.

1-Day Fishing Licence NY

You can purchase a 1-day NY fishing license if you are short on time, or if you want to try fishing in NY for a single day. This license is only valid for a day from the date of purchase.

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Free Fishing License NY

New York has designated certain weekends of the year as “Free Fishing Days”, where residents and nonresidents alike can fish for free without a fishing license. All other fishing rules and regulations still apply.

How to get a fishing license in NY

You can purchase a fishing permit NY online, over the phone, via mail, or in person.

Online Shopping

Online is the easiest and most convenient method to purchase a NY fishing license. Visit the NYS DEC site and follow the instructions to complete your application. You will need to enter your personal information, payment details and select the type of license that you wish to purchase. After you have completed the application and made payment, you will receive a confirmation which you can save or print to prove your license.

By Phone

You can also buy your fishing license by phone. Call 1-866-933-2257 and a representative will guide you through the entire process. You will need to provide personal information and payment details over the phone. You will receive a confirmation number that you can use to prove your license.

By Mail

You can also mail your application if you prefer. Download the form and fill it out on the NYS DEC site, then mail the completed form along with your payment to an address listed. You will need to enter your personal information, payment details and select the type of license that you wish to purchase. You’ll receive a confirmation by mail once your application has been processed.

In Person

You can buy your fishing permit NY at any licensed agent. Licensed agents are sporting goods stores, tackle and bait shops, and other retailers who sell hunting and fishing gear. On the NYS DEC’s website, you can find a complete list of licensed agents.

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Fishing Regulations in NY

It’s important to know the New York fishing regulations before you cast your line into New York waters. The NYS DEC establishes fishing rules and guidelines in order to protect the state’s aqua resources and ensure the sustainability and health of fish stocks. Here are some rules you should know:

Fishing Seasons

The fishing season varies depending on the type of fish and location. The current fishing seasons can be found on the NYS DEC’s website or in their fishing guide. Be sure to check the fishing season information prior to going fishing so that you don’t violate any rules.

Fishing Limits

The NYS DEC set limits for the number of fish and their size that you can keep per day. This is done to prevent overfishing, and to ensure the conservation of fish populations. The current fishing limits can be found on the NYS DEC’s website or in each species’ fishing guide.

Catch-and Release Fishing

The catch-and-release technique is a popular one where you catch the fish and release it into the water without harming it. The NYS DEC allows catch-and release fishing for most fish species. You should still handle the fish carefully and release it if you see that it is injured or exhausted.

Restrictions on Bait and Tackle

In NY, there are different restrictions on bait and tackle depending on the type of fish and the location. The current restrictions can be found on the NYS DEC’s website or in the Fishing Guide. Follow the rules to avoid fines and legal trouble.

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Fishing Spots In NY

New York is a fishing paradise, with a variety of freshwater and seawater fishing opportunities. Here are some of New York’s best fishing spots:

Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains are a world-renowned destination to go trout fishing. There are over 500 miles worth of streams and rivers that are stocked with a variety of trout species, including the famous Brown Trout.

Finger Lakes Region

The Finger Lakes Region is home to 11 lakes with excellent fishing for trout, salmon, bass and other species. Fly fishers will also enjoy the region’s streams and rivers.

Hudson River

The Hudson River is over 300 miles long and offers beautiful views and excellent fishing for striped bass, blufish, and many other species. The river hosts several fishing tournaments every year.

Montauk Point

Montauk Point offers excellent saltwater fishing. It is located at the easternmost tip of Long Island, and offers opportunities to catch striped basses, bluefish, and fluke, among other species.


A fishing license is required to fish in New York. You can easily obtain your fishing license in NY online, over the phone, via mail or in person. To protect the aquatic resources of the state, you should follow the NY fishing regulations and handle fish carefully. New York has some great fishing spots, so explore them and have fun.

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