Fishing License NC – All You Need to Know

fishing license nc


North Carolina is known for its fishing, and with good reason. Anglers can fish for many different species in North Carolina’s lakes, rivers and streams. You must first obtain a North Carolina fishing license before you can start fishing. This article will cover all the information you need about getting a NC fishing license.

Types of fishing licenses in NC

North Carolina offers several types of fishing permits, including:

1. Resident Fishing License

Residents of North Carolina can purchase this license. It is valid for a year after the date of purchase. A resident fishing license costs $25. Depending on the angler’s interest, additional privileges can be purchased, such as joint waterfowl, coastal, and trout.

2. Non-Resident fishing license

This license is valid for a year and is available to non-residents of North Carolina. A non-resident fishing permit costs $50. Depending on the angler’s interest, additional privileges can be purchased, such as coastal, trout or joint waterfowl.

3. 10 Day Non-Resident Coastal Fishing License

This license is valid for ten consecutive days and is available to non-residents. The cost is $16.

4. Annual Coastal Recreational Fishing License

This license allows you to fish in the coastal waters of North Carolina. The cost of this license is $16, and it’s only for those who have a valid North Carolina Resident Comprehensive Fishing License or a North Carolina Non-Resident comprehensive fishing license.

5. Short-Term Fishing Licence

Residents and non-residents can purchase this license if they are visiting North Carolina for a short time and want to go fishing. The license is valid for one-day and costs $5.

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How to Apply for a NC Fishing License

There are several ways to obtain a fishing permit in North Carolina. These include:

1. Online Shopping

Online is the fastest and most convenient method to apply for a NC fishing license. You can apply for a fishing license online using a credit or debit card by visiting the NC Wildlife Resources Commission’s website.

2. Phone

You can also obtain a fishing permit by calling the NC Wildlife Resources Commission at 1-888-2486834.

3. In Person

You can purchase a fishing permit in person at a local Wildlife Service agent. Enter your zip code into the NC Wildlife Resources Commission’s website to locate the nearest agent.

Rules and Regulations of Fishing in NC

North Carolina regulates fishing, and all anglers are required to follow the rules and regulations established by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. Some of the rules include:

1. Catch Limits

North Carolina has set catch limits for game fish that cannot be exceeded. Before you go fishing, it’s important to know the current catch limits of the species you are targeting.

2. Size Limits

There are size limits for certain fish species in addition to the catch limits. Red drum, for example, must be between 18-27 inches long in order to be kept.

3. Seasons

Some species may have a closed season, meaning they can’t be caught at a certain time of the year.

4. Fishing Gear

North Carolina only allows certain types of fishing gear. Rods, reels and hooks are all included. It’s crucial to know the rules regarding what equipment is permitted.

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Benefits of Getting A Fishing License In NC

There are many benefits to obtaining a fishing licence in North Carolina.

1. Supporting Conservation

The revenue generated by fishing licenses in NC is used to support conservation efforts, including habitat restoration and protection of North Carolina’s wildlife resources.

2. Legal Requirements

A fishing license ensures that you are fishing legally and that you will not get in trouble with the law.

3. More Waters Accessible

You’ll be able to fish in North Carolina more often if you have a fishing permit.


North Carolina residents love fishing. A fishing license is essential to ensure you are fishing legally and support the conservation of North Carolina’s wildlife resources. There are many different types of fishing permits available. It’s easy to choose one that meets your needs. This article should have provided you with the information that you need about fishing license NC.

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