Fishing License Louisiana: Everything You Need to Know

fishing license louisiana

You will need a Louisiana fishing license if you want to go fishing. All non-residents and Louisiana residents over 16 years of age fishing in public waters are required to have a fishing license. This article will tell you everything you need about getting a Louisiana fishing license.

Types of fishing licenses in Louisiana

Louisiana offers several different types of fishing licenses. These include:

Resident Fishing Licenses

Residents of Louisiana are only eligible to obtain a resident fishing license. This license allows you access to all public waters in the state of Louisiana. Resident fishing permits are available for one, five, or lifetime.

Non-Resident fishing licenses

Non-residents older than 16 years old who fish in Louisiana’s public waters must have a non-resident fishing permit. Non-resident fishing permits are available for a day, three or seven days.

Charter Passenger License

Individuals who fish on a charter vessel must have a charter passenger license. This license is valid 24 hours and allows individuals to fish on the charter vessel.

Commercial Fishing Licenses

Louisiana offers different types of commercial fishing permits, including licenses for recreational commercial fishing and commercial fishing guides.

Louisiana Fishing License Fees

The cost of a Louisiana fishing license varies depending on what type of license you require. Here are the current fishing licence fees in Louisiana.

Resident Fishing Licenses

– One-year license: $9.50- Five-year license: $47.50- Lifetime license: $200.50

Non-Resident fishing licenses

– One day license: $5.00 – Three day license: $10.00 – Seven day license: $15.00 – Annual license $60.00

Charter Passenger License

– 24-hour license: $3.00

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Commercial Fishing Licenses

– Recreational commercial fisherman’s license: $20.00 – Commercial fishing guide licence: $50.00

Where to buy a fishing license in Louisiana

Louisiana fishing licenses can be purchased either online via the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ website or in person in various locations across the state. These include:

LDWF Offices

You can purchase a license at any LDWF Regional Office. You can find a list of regional office on the LDWF’s website.

License Vendors

Licenses are available from a variety of license vendors in the state. These include sporting goods stores, tackle and bait shops, and convenience store. On the LDWF’s website, you can find a list of vendors.

Online Shopping

You can buy a fishing licence online via the LDWF’s website. Follow the instructions on the website to purchase a license.

Fishing Regulations for Louisiana

It’s important that you are familiar with the fishing regulations in Louisiana. These regulations were put in place to protect Louisiana’s fish population and to ensure sustainable fishing for future generations.

Fishing Seasons

Louisiana has seasons for fishing certain species of fish. During these seasons, fish can be harvested and consumed. The fish must be released outside of these seasons.

Size and Creel Limits

Louisiana has size and creel restrictions for certain fish species. There are limits on the size and number of fish that you can keep. These limits can vary depending on where you fish and what species of fish you catch.

Illegal Fishing Activities

Illegal fishing activities include fishing without a Louisiana fishing license, exceeding the size and creel limit, fishing in restricted zones, using illegal gear and harvesting protected animals.

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A fishing license is needed by anyone older than 16 years old who wants to fish on public waters in Louisiana. There are licenses for residents, nonresidents, charter passengers, commercial fishermen and LDWF offices. You can buy a fishing permit online, at LDWF offices, license vendors and select sporting goods and bait and tackle stores. Louisiana’s fishing laws and regulations are important to protect the state’s fish population and ensure sustainable fisheries. You can enjoy a wonderful fishing experience in Louisiana with a little planning.

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