Fishing License in Washington State: Everything You Need to Know

fishing license in washington state

It is essential that you obtain a license if you plan to fish in Washington State. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife requires that all anglers, whether they are residents or non-residents, have a valid fishing license before they cast their lines into the state’s rivers, lakes, and streams.

Types of fishing licenses in Washington State

Washington State offers a variety of fishing licenses that cater to the needs and preferences of every angler. These include:

Resident Licenses

– All-Water Fishing License– Freshwater Fishing License- Saltwater Fishing License- Shrimp and Shellfish License- 2-Pole Endorsement

Non-Resident Licenses:

– All-Water Fishing License- Freshwater Fishing License- Saltwater Fishing License- Shrimp and Shellfish License

How to Get a Fishing License In Washington State

You can purchase a Washington State fishing license online or in person. If you’d rather buy it online, go to the WDFW site and select the license that best suits your fishing needs. You’ll be required to provide your personal and contact details, and a proof of residency if you’re purchasing a resident license.Alternatively, you can buy your fishing license in person at any of the authorized license dealers across the state. This includes sporting goods stores, bait shops, as well as other retail outlets. You will be asked to provide the same information that you would if you were purchasing it online.

Washington State Fishing Regulations

Washington has a number of fishing regulations that must be followed by all anglers. These regulations include catch limits, fishing seasons, minimum size limits and gear restrictions. To avoid breaking any laws, it’s important to familiarize yourself before heading out to fishing.

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Washington State Fishing Limits

Washington State has set fishing limits for various fish species.

Fishing Seasons in Washington State

Washington’s fishing season varies according to the type of fish you’re pursuing and where you are fishing. The fishing season in Washington generally starts late April and lasts through October. However, some rivers and lakes are open all year.

Washington State has Gear Restrictions

Washington has implemented gear restrictions to protect the fish population from overfishing. In most fishing waters, barbless hooks must be used to reduce damage to aquatic habitats. This makes it easier to release the fish back into water.

Renewal of your fishing license in Washington State

Washington State fishing licenses are valid for a year from the date they were purchased. You will need to renew your fishing license every year to continue fishing in Washington State. You can renew online, in person or by mail. Download and complete the renewal form on the WDFW site and mail it to address provided.


Washington State fishing is a rewarding activity, but you must first obtain a license before you cast your line in any water. You can have a safe and sustainable experience fishing in Washington State by obtaining the correct license and following the state’s regulations.

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