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fishing license in ohio

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Enjoy the tranquility and excitement of fishing on Ohio’s beautiful rivers, lakes, and streams? In this case, obtaining a license to fish in Ohio is necessary to ensure that you are fishing responsibly and legally. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need about fishing licenses, from the importance to having one, to the different types of licenses available.

The Importance of Fishing Licenses

The conservation and management of Ohio’s fish populations is impossible without fishing licenses. The revenue generated by fishing licenses is used to fund fishery research, habitat rehabilitation, and stocking programmes. By purchasing a fishing licence, you are playing a vital part in ensuring the sustainability of Ohio’s fisheries and ensuring future generations will be able to enjoy the thrill of fishing.

Types of fishing licenses

Ohio offers a variety of fishing licenses to suit different fishing needs and preferences. Take a look at the various types of fishing licenses available.

Resident Fishing License

Residents of Ohio can obtain a resident fishing license. This license allows you to fish in the majority of Ohio’s water, including inland rivers, lakes, and streams. This license can be purchased for a period of one year, three years, or ten years, giving avid anglers flexibility.

Non-Resident fishing license

Non-residents can get a non-resident license to fish in Ohio. The non-resident fishing license is also available in different durations. Visitors can choose the one that best suits them.

One-Day Fishing License

The one-day fishing permit is perfect if you only plan to fish in Ohio for one day. The license is valid for only one day and grants the same privileges of the resident or non-resident fishing license.

Youth Fishing License

Ohio offers reduced-cost fishing licenses for youth. These licenses are open to both residents and non-residents aged 16 and under. This is a great way to introduce kids to the joys and benefits of fishing, while also promoting conservation.

Senior Fishing License

Residents of Ohio aged 66 or older can purchase a senior fishing license at a discounted rate. Senior anglers can continue to enjoy their favorite hobby for a discounted price.

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Combination Licenses

Ohio offers combination licenses for those who enjoy both fishing and hunting. These licenses combine the privileges from both activities into one license. Combining these licenses is a convenient, cost-effective choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Add-On Licenses

Ohio offers additional fishing licenses in addition to its primary fishing licenses. These include the Lake Erie Charter Fishing Permit and the Three-Day Lake Erie Charter Fishing Permit. These add-ons must be purchased for specific fishing activities on Lake Erie or its tributaries.

How to obtain a fishing license

It is easy to obtain a fishing permit in Ohio. You can apply for your license in a variety of convenient ways:

Online Shopping

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources offers an online portal that allows you to easily purchase a fishing license. Visit their website, complete the required information, and follow the instructions. After you have made the payment, your license will be available for download and printing immediately. This is a convenient and quick option for busy anglers.


You can also purchase your fishing license by visiting an authorized license vendor in person, such as a local wildlife office, bait shop, outdoor sports goods store or outdoor sporting goods retailer. These locations will have all the necessary information and forms readily available. You may also get fishing tips and advice from the staff.

By Mail

If you prefer to use the traditional mail-in process, you can send the application and payment directly to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Include all the necessary information, along with a check or a money order to cover the license fee. The department will process and mail you your fishing license.

Fishing license fees

The cost of fishing permits in Ohio can vary depending on factors like residency, duration and additional privileges. Here are some of the current fees for common fishing licenses.

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Resident Fishing Licence Fees

  • One-year license: $25
  • Three-year license: $54
  • Ten-year license: $95

Non-Resident Fishing license fees

  • One-year license: $50
  • Three-year license: $121
  • Ten-year license: $196

One-Day Fishing License fee

The cost of a one-day license for fishing is $14, regardless if you live in the United States or not. It allows access to the same fishing opportunities that regular licenses, but only for the day selected.

Youth Fishing Licenses Fee

Residents and non-residents alike can purchase a youth fishing licence for $10. This license is designed to encourage young people to learn about conservation while fishing.

Rules and Regulations

It is important to follow Ohio’s rules and regulations when fishing to protect the environment and ensure the sustainability of the fisheries. Here are some important rules to remember:

Fishing seasons and bag limits

Ohio has set specific seasons and bag limits to allow for the reproduction of fish populations and to prevent overfishing. Keep up to date with the current seasons and bag limit by checking the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ website or the Ohio Fishing Regulations book.

Fishing Methods

Be sure to know the fishing methods that are permitted in Ohio. Some areas may restrict the use of certain equipment or techniques in order to protect local habitats and populations of fish.

Fishing size limits

Ohio also sets minimum sizes for different fish species to ensure that mature fish can reproduce before being harvested. Always measure your catch to ensure it meets the specified limits.

Fishing Locations Restrictions

Respect any restrictions on fishing locations, such as private property or closed areas. Be sure to follow all signs and obtain the necessary permissions in order to fish legally.

Fishing Ethics and Conservation

Respect nature and other anglers. Use ethical fishing techniques, and promote catch-and release whenever possible. This helps maintain the health of Ohio’s fishing resources and preserves fish populations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need a fishing licence in Ohio?

A: Yes, you need a fishing permit if you are 16 years old or older. This excludes Ohio residents who were born before January 1, 1939.

Q: Where can i buy a fishing licence in Ohio?

You can purchase a fishing license online, at authorized license vendors or by mailing a request to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Q: Do you have any free fishing days?

A: Yes. Ohio offers several free fishing days every year, usually during National Fishing and Boating Week. Anglers are allowed to fish without a permit. This is a great way to introduce someone to the joys and benefits of fishing.

Q: Can I fish on Lake Erie without a separate fishing license?

A: No. Additional licenses are required, such as the Lake Erie Charter Fishing Permit and the Lake Erie Sport Fishing Permit for certain fishing activities on Lake Erie or its tributaries.

Q: Can I use a live bait when fishing in Ohio?

A: Yes, live bait is allowed in most Ohio waters. Check the regulations for the collection and use bait to prevent the spread invasive species.

Q: What do I do if my fishing license is lost?

If you lose your license, you can get a duplicate by contacting the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. You can also visit an authorized license vendor. A small fee may apply for the replacement.


In Ohio, fishing is a popular pastime that offers endless opportunities for relaxation and recreation. It also allows you to connect with nature. By obtaining a license to fish in Ohio, you comply with state regulations and contribute to conservation efforts that will protect Ohio’s fishing resources for future generations. If you are a resident of Ohio or a visitor from another state, be sure to get the right fishing license to suit your needs. Then enjoy the amazing fishing experiences that this great state offers!

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