Fishing License in Maryland

fishing license in maryland

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A fishing license is essential if you plan to fish in Maryland. A fishing license is required for all Maryland residents and non-residents to legally fish in Maryland waters. This comprehensive guide will give you all the information about fishing licenses that you need to be aware of in Maryland.

Who needs a Maryland fishing license?

Anyone over 16 years old must have a valid license to fish in Maryland. Residents and non-residents are both affected. A fishing license is required whether you are fishing from the riverbanks, on a boat or even crab-crabbing.

Maryland Fishing Licenses Types

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers a wide range of fishing licenses that cater to different needs. These licenses include

1. Resident Fishing License

Maryland residents are the only ones who can obtain a resident fishing license. The resident fishing license allows residents to fish in Maryland waters for a specific period of time, usually a year or just a few days.

2. Non-Resident fishing license

Non-residents are also able to obtain a Maryland fishing license. This license allows people from outside of the state to fish legally in Maryland’s waters.

3. Senior Resident Fishing Licence

Maryland offers a discounted fishing permit to seniors 65 years old or older. This is a great way for seniors to enjoy fishing without breaking the budget.

4. Chesapeake Bay Coastal Sport Fishing License

The Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing License and its tributaries is required for those who wish to fish in the Bay or any of its tributaries. This license is valid for both residents and nonresidents.

5. Bay Sport Fishing License

If you want to catch rockfish (striped basses) in the Chesapeake Bay you will need a Bay Sport Fishing License. This is an additional fishing license.

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6. 7-Day and 3 Day Non-Tidal Fishing License

Non-residents may also obtain a non-tidal fishing permit for 7 days or 3 days. These licenses allow fishing in nontidal water for the number of days indicated.

How to Get a Maryland Fishing License

The process of obtaining a Maryland fishing license is simple and straightforward. You can get a license in the following ways:

1. Online Shopping

Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers an online portal for you to easily purchase your fishing permit. Visit their website, choose the license type you need, enter the required information, and pay. You will receive a digital license once the transaction is completed. You can then print it or store it on your mobile device.

2. In-Person

If you would like a copy of your fishing licence in hard copy, you can visit any of the licensed licensing agents located throughout the state. These agents include tackle stores, sporting goods stores and even some grocery shops. You can find a list of authorized local agents on the DNR’s website.

3. By Phone

You can also purchase a Maryland fishing license over the phone by calling the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. You will receive a confirmation code that can be used to temporarily license you until the official copy arrives.

Maryland Fishing License Fees

The fees for Maryland fishing licenses vary depending on factors like residency status, license type, and duration. Here is a list of some of the most common fishing licenses and their fees:

Resident Fishing License

– Annual: $20.50

– 7-Day: $6.50

– 3-Day: $5.00

Non-Resident fishing license

– Annual: $30.50

– 7-Day: $12.50

– 3-Day: $10.50

Senior Resident Fishing Licence

– Annual (Age 65+): $5.00

Chesapeake Bay Coastal Sport Fishing License

– Annual (Residents): $15.00

– Annual (Non-Resident): $22.50

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Bay Sport Fishing License

– Annual (Residents): $5.00

– Annual (Non-Resident): $15.00

Maryland Fishing Regulations

To ensure you follow all rules and regulations, it is important that you familiarize yourself with Maryland’s fishing regulations. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has a fishing guidebook which contains all relevant information about size limits, catch limitations, fishing seasons and more. Be sure to read and understand all fishing regulations before you head out on the water.

The Benefits of a Fishing License

A fishing license has many benefits, both for anglers and for the conservation of Maryland’s aquatic resources. Some of the main benefits include:

1. Legal Compliance

By obtaining a license, you adhere to the laws and rules set forth by your state. This will ensure that you are fishing in a legal manner and avoid heavy fines or penalties.

2. Conservation Efforts

The revenue generated by fishing license fees goes back into conservation and management for Maryland’s fisheries. This helps maintain healthy populations of fish and preserves fragile ecosystems in the state’s waterways.

3. Access to Fishing Opportunities

A fishing license will give you access to a variety of fishing opportunities in the state. Maryland offers a wide range of fishing opportunities, from freshwater lakes to tidal river and the Chesapeake Bay.

4. Recreational Activities

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity that allows you to spend time with nature. A fishing license allows you to fully enjoy this favorite pastime while exploring Maryland’s scenic beauty.

5. Social Responsibility

To be a responsible angler, you must respect the environment, practice catch-and-release techniques, and follow ethical fishing practices. By obtaining a license, you show your commitment to be a responsible member in the angling world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I fish without a Maryland fishing license?

It is illegal to fish without a valid Maryland fishing license, unless you’re exempted from the law (e.g. fishing on free fishing day).

2. Do fishing licenses have an age restriction in Maryland?

Maryland requires a fishing permit for all individuals over the age of 16. Some licenses offer discounts to individuals 65 years and older, such as the Senior Resident Fishing License.

3. Can I buy a fishing licence as a present for someone else?

You can purchase a fishing permit as a gift by providing the recipient’s information during the application. Check with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to see if there are any restrictions or requirements.

4. Are there any free fishing Days in Maryland?

Maryland does offer designated free fishing days, where anyone can fish. These days offer a great chance for people to try fishing or introduce someone else to the joys and benefits of angling.

5. How do I renew my fishing licence in Maryland?

You can renew your Maryland fishing license online, by calling the Maryland Department of Natural Resources or visiting an authorized licensing agent. Choose the method most convenient to you.


A fishing license is easy to obtain in Maryland. It allows you to take advantage of the many fishing opportunities available in the state, while still adhering to all the laws and regulations. You can choose from a variety of license options to suit your needs. Always carry your fishing permit with you when fishing, as it is proof of your legal permission. Grab your fishing gear and your license and set out on an unforgettable adventure exploring Maryland’s waterways and reeling in impressive catches.

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