Fishing License in Idaho – A Complete Guide!

fishing license in idaho

Are you planning to go fishing in Idaho? It is important that you obtain a fishing permit before you cast your line in the water. A valid fishing license is needed to fish in Idaho waters, such as rivers, lakes and streams, whether you are a resident of Idaho or not.

How to get a fishing license in Idaho?

It is easy to obtain a fishing permit in Idaho. You can do it online, in person or by mail. Here are the details.

Online Shopping

Idaho Fish and Game’s website is the easiest way to obtain a fishing permit in Idaho. You can buy a license online by visiting The website accepts several payment methods, and you can immediately print your license.

In person

You can also purchase a fishing permit in person at Fish and Game offices or participating sporting goods shops. Check out the official Fish and Game site at for more information.

By Mail

You will need to complete and print the Idaho Fishing License application in order to receive a fishing license by mail. The application can be found on the Fish and Game Website. Once the form is completed, mail it along with a money order or check to the address on the form.

What are the different types of fishing licenses in Idaho?

You need to know the type of fishing license that is best for you before you purchase one in Idaho. Idaho offers different fishing licenses that can be tailored to suit your budget and needs. Here is a list of the most common types of fishing licenses available in Idaho.

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Resident Fishing License

This license is for Idaho residents who are 14 years old and older, and want to fish for their own personal use in Idaho. The license is affordable and allows you to fish on all the water bodies in the state.

Non-Resident fishing license

Non-residents planning to fish in Idaho need this type license. The license price varies depending on the type of fishing and the length of license. This includes six-day licenses and annual licenses.

Combination Hunting and Fishing License

This license allows you the opportunity to fish and hunt throughout Idaho. This license is perfect for those who want to fish and hunt in Idaho and save money by not buying separate licenses.

Senior Fishing License

Idaho residents 65 years and older can purchase this license for a discounted price.

Disabled American Veteran fishing license

Idaho offers a free fishing licence to disabled American veterans.

Fishing Regulations in Idaho

You must be familiar with the law before you can fish in Idaho. Idaho Fish and Game established the fishing regulations in order to manage fish resources and maintain an ecosystem that is healthy. Here are the main regulations:

Seasons and Limits

Idaho has fishing seasons and limits to the number of fishes that can be caught. Check the regulations of the water you intend to fish before heading out.

Catch and Release

In Idaho, catch and release is permitted but it must be done with care to ensure that the fish survive after being caught.

Gear Restrictions

Idaho has restrictions regarding the type of fishing gear, including lures, baits, and hooks.

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Fishing in Protected Waters

Protected Waters are waters where fishing is prohibited. Verify protected areas before fishing.


Fishing in Idaho is only possible with a valid license and by following the rules set out by Idaho Fish and Game. It is easy to obtain a fishing permit in Idaho. You can do it online, in person, or by post. Choose the right type of fishing permit for you, and make sure to read and follow the regulations before casting a line in the water. Happy Fishing!

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