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fishing license in arkansas

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Are you planning on going fishing in Arkansas? It’s important that you are familiar with the state’s fishing license requirements. Fishing without the proper license can lead to penalties and ruin your fishing experience. This article will provide detailed information on fishing licenses in Arkansas. We will cover how to obtain a license, the rules and regulations you must follow, and more.

Why Do I Need A Fishing License?

A fishing license is an official document that allows individuals to engage in recreational fishing in certain areas and for specified periods. These licenses are vital for the management of fish populations, and to ensure sustainable practices. Fishing licenses also help fund conservation programs and support wildlife management. It’s important to get a fishing permit before you cast your line in Arkansas.

Types of fishing licenses in Arkansas

Arkansas offers different types of fishing licenses based on your residency, age and duration of fishing. These licenses include:

1. Resident Fishing License

Residents of Arkansas can obtain a resident fishing license. This license allows residents the ability to fish both in inland waters and those bordering state water.

2. Non-Resident fishing license

Non-residents wishing to fish in Arkansas may obtain a nonresident fishing license. This license is valid both for inland waters and those bordering state water.

3. Youth Fishing License

Arkansas offers discounted fishing licenses to individuals between the ages of 16 and 17. The Arkansas youth fishing license is a great way for young anglers who want to fish to do so at a discounted price.

4. Senior Resident Fishing Licence

Residents of Arkansas who are 65 and older can get a senior fishing permit. This license allows seniors to fish at a discounted price.

5. Disabled Fishing License

Arkansas offers a fishing permit for people with disabilities. This license allows disabled anglers the opportunity to fish and enjoy Arkansas’ many waterbodies.

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How to Get a Fishing License In Arkansas

The process of obtaining a fishing permit in Arkansas is simple. You can get a fishing permit in Arkansas by using a variety of methods.

1. Online Shopping

Online application is the most convenient way to get a fishing permit in Arkansas. Follow the instructions on the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s website to purchase a fishing permit online. Before you begin the application, make sure that you have all the required documents and payment information.

2. Physical Retailers

Many authorized retailers in Arkansas sell fishing licenses. This includes bait shops, sporting good stores, and some Walmart locations. Visit the nearest retailer to inquire about obtaining your fishing license.

3. By Phone

You can also purchase a fishing permit by phone if you prefer a more personal approach. Contact the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and provide all the information needed to complete your purchase.

Requirements to obtain a fishing license

Be sure to meet the following requirements before you apply for a fishing permit in Arkansas:

1. Age Verification

Make sure you meet the age requirements of the fishing license that you are applying for. Certain licenses have age restrictions, such as senior or youth licenses.

2. Proof of Residence

You must provide proof of Arkansas residence when applying for a resident’s fishing license. Documents accepted include a valid Arkansas identification card or driver’s licence.

3. Disability Verification

You must provide documentation to prove your disability when you apply for a fishing license for disabled people.

4. Social Security Number

You will need to provide your social insurance number when applying for a fishing permit. This information is required for identification purposes.

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Arkansas Fishing License Fees

The cost of fishing permits in Arkansas is dependent on several factors including residence, age and the duration of the permit. These are the typical fishing licence fees:

Resident Fishing Licence Fees

– Annual: $10.50

– One-Day Trip: $6.50

– Five-Day Trip: $13.50

Non-Resident fishing license fees:

– Annual: $40.00

– One-Day Trip: $11.00

– Three-Day Trip: $16.50

– Five-Day Trip: $25.00

Youth fishing license fees (Ages 16-17).

– Annual: $5.00

Senior Resident Fishing Licence Fees (Age 65+)

– Annual: $10.50

Disabled fishing license:

– Annual: $10.50

Fishing Rules and Regulations for Arkansas

Arkansas fishing regulations and rules are important to follow. These guidelines were put in place to protect the fish population, maintain fishery health and ensure a fair, sustainable fishing environment. Some of the most important rules and regulations are:

Fishing seasons and limits

Arkansas has different fishing seasons for each species of fish. Be sure to check the open seasons for the fish you plan to catch. There are also catch and size restrictions to protect fish populations and prevent overfishing. Before you go fishing, familiarize yourself with the limits.

Fishing Methods

Arkansas regulates certain fishing methods. Be sure to follow the permitted fishing methods and avoid prohibited methods like dynamite or poison.

Protected Areas

Arkansas may have designated areas that are protected or restricted. Be aware of any restrictions on fishing in these areas to conserve habitats or species.

Tagging Requirements

Arkansas requires that certain fish species such as paddlefish, alligator gar and tagging be done before transport. Confirm the tagging procedures and requirements for these species in order to remain compliant.

Boating Safety

You should follow boating safety rules if you are fishing on a boat. This includes having the right safety equipment, adhering to speed limits, and never operating a vessel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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Benefits of having a fishing license in Arkansas

A fishing license in Arkansas ensures that you comply with the state regulations, but it also offers a number of benefits.

Supporting conservation efforts

The revenue generated by fishing license sales in Arkansas is used to fund wildlife management programs and conservation initiatives. By purchasing a license to fish, you are contributing to the preservation and enhancement of fish habitats and population.

Access to prime fishing locations

A fishing license will give you access to many of the best fishing spots in Arkansas. You can fish in a variety of places, from scenic rivers to serene lakes.

Community Engagement

Fishing is popular in Arkansas. Obtaining a fishing licence allows you to make connections with other anglers. You can exchange fishing tips and share your experiences with other fishing enthusiasts.

Learning and Skill Development

Fishing is more than just catching fish. It’s also about developing new skills. A fishing license encourages the owner to spend time learning about different fish species and techniques, as well as improving their angling skills.


A fishing license is required to enjoy the thrill of Arkansas fishing while adhering to the state’s rules. There is a license for everyone, whether you are a resident or non-resident, a youth, a senior, or a person with a disability. Be sure to meet the requirements, pay any fees and become familiar with the rules and regulations of fishing. You can enjoy a rewarding hobby and contribute to the conservation of Arkansas’ fish population by obtaining a license. Get your fishing license and pack your fishing equipment to embark on a fishing adventure that you will never forget in the beautiful waters around Arkansas.

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