Fishing License GA: Everything You Need to Know

fishing license ga

If you are an avid angler, you might be wondering where you can get a fishing permit GA. A fishing license is legal permit that allows one to fish in the waters of the state. You could face heavy fines and legal issues if you don’t have one. This article will look at the GA fishing license, how to get one, and the rules and regulations that you should know.

Types of fishing licenses in Georgia

Let’s look at the various types of fishing licenses before we get into the details of obtaining a GA fishing license. You can choose between different licenses, depending on your needs and preferences. These include:

1. Resident Fishing License

Residents of Georgia can purchase a resident fishing license if they have lived in the state for three consecutive months prior to the purchase. This license allows you to fish in Georgia’s public waters, including trout and saltwater fishing.

2. Non-Resident fishing license

If you are not a resident of Georgia and want to fish there, you will need to buy a nonresident fishing license. This license gives the holder the exact same rights as a resident fishing license.

3. Trout License

Georgia offers a license for those who want to fish exclusively for trout. This license allows the holder to specifically fish for trout on public waters in Georgia.

4. One Day Fishing License

You can buy a fishing license for a single day if you are only fishing that day. This license is ideal for visitors to Georgia who want to go fishing for a single day.

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5. Three-Day Fishing License

If you intend to fish for three consecutive days, you can buy a three-day license. This license is for tourists who want to go fishing in Georgia.

How to Get a Fishing License in GA

After we’ve discussed the different types, let’s look at how you can obtain a fishing licence GA: There are a few ways to do this, including:

1. Online Shopping

Online is one of the easiest methods to purchase a Georgia fishing license. You can purchase a fishing license by visiting the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ website.

2. In-Person

If you prefer to buy your fishing license in person, you can do this at any Georgia Department of Natural Resources offices, as well as local retailers and sporting good stores.

Rules and Regulations

You should be aware of all the rules and regulations that govern fishing in Georgia. Failure to comply with them can result in fines and legal issues. Among the most important rules and regulations are:

1. Size Limits

In Georgia, different fish species have different size restrictions that must be followed. Check the size limits of the species that you intend to catch before leaving on your trip.

2. Bag Limits

Bag limits are the maximum number of fish that you can catch of a particular species. These limits are different depending on the species, and must be adhered to in order to avoid legal issues.

3. Seasonal Restrictions

During certain seasons, you can only catch certain fish species in Georgia. Check the restrictions for the current season to avoid breaking the law.

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4. Restrictions on Bait and Tackle

You must also adhere to specific rules regarding the type of bait or tackle you can use when fishing in Georgia. Be sure to read these rules before you go fishing so that you don’t break any laws.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some answers to common questions about obtaining a GA fishing license:

1. How much is a fishing licence in Georgia?

The cost of a GA fishing license depends on your residency status and the type of license that you purchase. A resident fishing license, for example, costs $15 while a nonresident license costs $50.

2. How long is a fishing licence valid?

Most fishing licenses are valid for a calendar year in Georgia.

3. Do I need to have a fishing licence if I am under 16?

You do not need to purchase a fishing licence if you are under 16 and you’re fishing with a parent, guardian or other adult who has a fishing permit. If you are fishing alone, however, you will need to purchase a fishing license.


You can buy a fishing license in Georgia online or in person. Be sure to know the rules and regulations of fishing to avoid fines and legal issues. Happy fishing!

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