Fishing License for Louisiana: Everything You Need to Know

fishing license for louisiana

Are you thinking of going on a Louisiana fishing trip? If so, a fishing license is a must. You could face serious penalties if you don’t have a valid license. We will cover everything you need to know about obtaining a Louisiana fishing license.

Types of Louisiana Fishing Licenses

Louisiana offers many types of fishing licenses. Here are the most popular types:

Recreational Fishing License

All anglers fishing for non-commercial reasons require a recreational fishing license. This includes fishing for various types of fish like bass, crappie and trout. A recreational license is available for one, three, seven, seven, or a whole year.

Charter Boat Recreational Fishing License

A charter boat recreational fishing license is required if you plan to fish from a charter vessel. This license is available to both Louisiana residents and non-residents.

Commercial Fishing License

If you plan to fish commercially, a commercial fishing license will be required. This includes fishing for oysters, crabs, oysters and other seafood. Individuals or businesses that meet certain requirements can apply for commercial fishing licenses.

Requirements to obtain a Louisiana Fishing License

These are the requirements to get a fishing licence in Louisiana.

Residency requirements

A fishing license can be obtained at a lower price if you are a Louisiana resident. You will need to present a Louisiana driver’s licence or Louisiana identification card as proof of residency.

Age Requirements

A Louisiana fishing license is required for anyone over 16 years old. A fishing license is not required for children under 16 years old, but they must be accompanied with a licensed adult.

Identification requirements

If you are a first-timer, you will need to provide proof of identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID card, passport, or birth certificate.

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Fee Requirements

The required fee will be charged for the type license you are applying for. The fee will vary depending on the type and duration of the license.

Where can I get a Louisiana fishing license?

There are many ways to get a Louisiana fishing license. These are the most popular methods to obtain a fishing license in Louisiana.


Visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website to obtain a fishing permit online. This is the easiest way to apply for a fishing license online.

By Mail

A fishing license can also be obtained by mail. The application form must be completed, along with the required documents. It should then be mailed to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

In Person

You can also visit any of the designated locations, such as parks and sporting goods stores, to get a fishing licence in person.

Tips to Obtain a Louisiana Fishing License

Here are some tips to help you get a Louisiana fishing license.

Please read the guidelines carefully

Make sure to read the guidelines before applying for a fishing licence. This will allow you to understand the requirements and avoid making mistakes that could lead to rejection or delays.

Prepare all required documents

Before applying for a fishing licence, make sure you have all required documents, such as identification and proof of residency. This will save you time, and prevent unnecessary delays.

Choose the right type of license

You should choose the right type fishing license for your needs. A recreational fishing license is sufficient if you are fishing for personal use only. A commercial fishing license is required if you fish for commercial purposes.

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Attention to the License Expiration Date

Pay attention to the expiration dates on your fishing license. A fishing license that is expired can result in severe legal consequences and heavy fines.


Louisiana fishing can be a great experience. Before you begin fishing, however, it is essential that you have a valid fishing permit. This will help you avoid fines and legal consequences. To obtain a Louisiana fishing license, make sure you choose the right type of license for your needs.

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