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It is important to know the requirements for a fishing license if you are a passionate angler who plans to fish in Arizona. Anyone who wants to fish recreationally in Arizona must obtain a fishing license. This article will provide you with all the information necessary regarding the different types and fees of fishing licenses, as well as the application process.

Types of fishing licenses

There are several options available for fishing licenses in Arizona based on age, residence, duration and fishing preferences.

Resident Fishing Licenses

Arizona residents can choose from a wide range of fishing licenses. These licenses can be purchased by adults and children for different lengths of time, ranging from one day to an entire year.

1. General Fishing License This license permits residents to fish recreationally in all public waters in Arizona. The license is valid for a year from the date it was purchased.

2. Youth Combination Hunt and Fish License This license is designed for children aged between 10 and 17 years old and allows them to participate in both hunting and fishing within the state.

3. Short-term Licences: You can choose short-term licenses if you are not a serious angler. They are valid for a day or for five consecutive days. These licenses are perfect for tourists and occasional anglers.

4. Senior Combination Hunt and Fish License This license is available to Arizona residents 65 years and older. It offers discounted rates on both hunting and fishing.

Non-Resident fishing licenses

You will need to obtain a non-resident license if you are visiting Arizona. Non-resident licenses are similar to resident licenses in that they vary in type and duration.

1. General Fishing License This license allows access to all public waters in the state. It is available from a day to a year.

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2. Short-term licenses: Non residents can also obtain short term licenses for one or five consecutive days depending on the length of their fishing trip.

Application Process

The application for a fishing permit in Arizona can be completed online, in person or by mail.

Online Shopping

The easiest and most popular way to obtain a fishing permit is online. Arizona Game and Fish Department offers a user-friendly portal where you can complete the necessary forms, pay any fees and receive your license immediately via email.

To apply online, navigate to the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s website and select the section for fishing licenses. Follow the instructions step-by-step, enter the required information and double-check your application before submitting it.

In Person

Arizona Game and Fish Department offices or licensed vendors in the state are available for you to apply in person. The licensed vendors include outdoor recreation stores, sporting goods stores, and bait and tackle stores.

Fill out the application form and submit it to the vendor along with the required fees. The vendor will issue your fishing permit on the spot.

By Mail

You can also apply for a fishing permit by mail if you prefer the traditional method. Download the Arizona Game and Fish Department application form, print it and fill it in with the required information.

After completing the application, mail a check or money-order for the license fee to the address on the form. Allow enough time for your fishing license to be processed and returned.

Fishing license fees

The cost of fishing licenses in Arizona varies depending on the type of license, the duration and the applicant’s residency status.

The fee structure for fishing licences will be as follows in 2022:

Resident License Fees

1. General Fishing License

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  • One year: $37
  • Five days: $20
  • One day: $5

2. Youth Combination Hunt & Fish License (Ages 10 to 17 years): $5

3. Short-term Licenses:

  • Five days: $20
  • One day: $5

4. Senior Combination Hunting and Fishing License (65 years and older): $10

Non-Resident License Fees

1. General Fishing License

  • One year: $55
  • Five days: $20
  • One day: $20

2. Short-term Licenses:

  • Five days: $20
  • One day: $20

It is important to remember that fishing license fees can change. Therefore, it is best to check the most recent fee schedule on the official Arizona Game and Fish Department’s website before applying for your license.

Fishing Regulations

It is important to follow the Arizona Game and Fish Commission’s fishing regulations when fishing in Arizona. These regulations were put in place to ensure sustainability and conservation of fish species, their habitats and a fair and enjoyable experience for all anglers.

The following are some of the most important fishing regulations in Arizona:

Bag and Possession Limits

Bag and possession limits are the maximum number of fish that an angler may catch and keep on a given day, or possess at a particular time. These limits prevent overfishing, and the depletion of fish population.

The Arizona bag and possession limits vary by species of fish. It is important to know the bag and possession limits of the fish that you intend to target. These limits can change depending on factors like location and season.

Size Restrictions

To protect young or immature salmon and to allow them to reach reproductive maturation before being harvested, size restrictions are implemented. In Arizona, certain species like trout and bass are usually subject to size restrictions.

Anglers should be aware of the size restrictions for each species that they plan to catch. It is illegal to keep any fish that does not meet the specified requirements.

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Fishing Methods

Arizona has regulations governing fishing methods in order to ensure ethical and fair angling. Some fishing methods such as explosives and gillnets are strictly prohibited. There may also be rules governing the use of artificial lures and fishing bait.

Before you head out to fish, make sure you are familiar with the fishing methods allowed and any restrictions that may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have a fishing licence in Arizona?

Residents and non-residents in Arizona who want to fish recreationally will need a fishing license.

2. How much is a fishing licence in Arizona?

The cost of fishing permits in Arizona depends on the type of license and residency status, as well as the length of time. Resident licenses range from $5 for a day license to $37 per year. Non-resident licenses begin at $20 for a day license and go up until $55 for an annual license.

3. Where can I purchase a fishing permit in Arizona?

Fishing licenses are available online, at licensed vendors throughout the state or by mail.

4. Do you offer discounts on fishing licenses?

Arizona offers discounted fishing permits for residents over 65.

5. Can I fish in catch-and-release areas without a fishing license?

In Arizona, a fishing permit is still required for catch-and-release areas. The license helps to fund conservation efforts and ensures that anglers follow all fishing regulations.


Anyone who plans to enjoy recreational fishing is required to obtain the necessary fishing license in Arizona. You can ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable fishing trip in Arizona’s beautiful waters by familiarizing yourself with all the available fishing licenses, the application process, the fees, and the fishing regulations.

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