Fishing licencing in Indiana

fishing licence indiana

Are you a passionate fisherman who wants to cast your line into Indiana’s lakes and rivers that are pristine? You will need to get a fishing license before you can start. Every angler in Indiana is required to have a fishing license, regardless of whether they are residents or not. Indiana Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the issuance of fishing licenses in the state.

There are different types of fishing licenses available in Indiana

Indiana offers a wide range of fishing licenses to meet the needs of every angler. These licences are classified according to residency, duration and age. The following are the different types of fishing licenses available in Indiana.

Resident fishing license

This license is only for Indiana residents who are 18 years old or older. A resident is someone who has lived in Indiana at least 60 days prior to purchasing a fishing license. A resident fishing license costs $17.

Non-resident fishing license

You will need a nonresident fishing license if you are not a resident of Indiana. A non-resident fishing license costs $35 per year.

One-day fishing license

This licence allows anglers only to fish for a single day. The licence is $9 and is available to residents and non-residents.

Youth fishing license

The cost of this licence is $3. This licence is open to both residents and visitors.

Exemptions from fishing licenses

Indiana exempts certain individuals from having to obtain a fishing license. The following are the categories of individuals who do not require a fishing license:

Residents aged 64 and over

Residents aged 64 or older are exempted from purchasing a licence. Residents who want to fish for salmon or trout need a separate stamp.

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Veterans with disabilities

Veterans with a rating of 100% permanent and total disability from the Veterans Administration do not need to purchase a fishing license.

Residents fishing on free Fishing Days

Indiana residents can fish for free during designated free fishing days. Residents do not require a fishing license to fish in Indiana on these days.

How to get a fishing license in Indiana

There are several options to obtain a fishing license in Indiana. The following are the methods.

Online Purchase

Online purchase of a fishing license in Indiana is the easiest and most convenient method. The Indiana DNR website offers online purchasing for fishing licenses. You will need to create an online account, enter your personal information and pay the licence fee.

Purchase in person

You can purchase your fishing license in person at any of the authorized retailers located in Indiana. These retailers include sporting good stores, bait shops and other licensed vendors.

Telephone purchase

You can also buy a fishing license through the telephone ordering service of the Indiana DNR. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can purchase your fishing licence by calling 1-800-457-8283.

Fishing regulations in Indiana

Indiana has several regulations to ensure that its fish population is healthy and sustainable. Here are some regulations that all anglers should follow:

Bag limits

Indiana has different bag limits for different types fish. A bag limit is the maximum number that an angler may keep in one day. Anglers in Indiana must adhere to these limits.

Size Limits

Indiana also has size restrictions for certain types. These size limits are the minimum size a fish has to be to allow an angler to keep them.

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Licence display

Anglers are required to have their fishing license with them at any time when fishing in Indiana. The license must be displayed upon request by a conservation official.

Closed for the season

During the breeding season, certain species of fish are protected by seasonal closures. Anglers should be aware of the closures and refrain fishing for these species during the closed seasons.

Fishing resources of Indiana

Indiana has several fishing resources that can help anglers improve their fishing techniques and increase their catch rate. Here are some of the available resources:

Fishing guide

The Indiana DNR website has a fishing guide for anglers to use to find the best spots to fish in Indiana. The guide offers advice and tips on different fishing methods.

Fishing clinics

Indiana DNR offers fishing clinics to anglers of any age. These clinics cover topics like knot tying and casting as well as bait selection.

Fishing tournaments

Indiana hosts several fishing competitions throughout the entire year. These tournaments give anglers the chance to compete and win prizes.

Conservation efforts

Indiana DNR is dedicated to protecting the state’s natural resources and fish population. The department works closely together with anglers, stakeholders and other departments to ensure that the proper conservation efforts are put in place.


Indiana is a state where fishing is very popular. Obtaining a fishing license is essential for all anglers. Indiana offers different fishing licences that can be tailored to meet the needs of each angler. Anglers are required to adhere to state fishing regulations in order to promote sustainable fishing. Anglers can enjoy a rewarding and enjoyable fishing experience by following these rules and using the resources available.

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