Fishing Licence Walmart: Everything You Need to Know

fishing licence walmart

A fishing license is essential for avid anglers or those who fish occasionally. Walmart is one of the top stores in the US for fishing licenses. This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need about fishing licenses at Walmart.

What is a fishing licence?

Let’s first define a fishing license. A fishing license is a permit that a state government issues to allow an individual to fish on public waters in their state. Every state has its rules and regulations regarding fishing licences.

Why do you need a fishing license?

As we have already mentioned, a fishing license is required for anyone who wishes to fish in public water. State governments issue fishing licences in order to ensure that people adhere to the rules and regulations, and do not harm aquatic life or the environment. Fishing without a license can lead to heavy fines or legal problems. A fishing license also helps maintain the sustainability of fish populations within the waters.

Fishing License Walmart: Types of Licence

Walmart offers a wide range of fishing licenses to suit different needs and purposes. Here are some fishing licenses that you can buy at Walmart:

Resident Fishing License

A resident fishing license is issued to individuals who are permanent residents in a specific state. This licence allows you fish in public waters of the state without additional permissions.

Non-Resident fishing license

You can obtain a non-resident fishing license if you are not a permanent resident in a particular state. This licence is only valid for a short time, usually a couple of days or weeks.

Saltwater Fishing License

A saltwater fishing license allows you to fish within the saltwater areas in a state.

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How to get a fishing license at Walmart?

The process of getting a fishing license at Walmart is simple. You can buy it online or at the store. Here’s how:

Online Fishing License Purchase:

Step 1: Visit Walmart and select the state where you want to fish. Step 2: Select which type of fishing license you wish to purchase. Step 3: Enter the required information, such as your name and address, your age, and your social security number. Step 4: Pay with a debit or credit card. Step 5: Download and print the fishing license.

Buying a fishing licence in store:

Step 1: Visit a Walmart near you. Step 2: Visit the Sporting Goods department. Step 3: Ask for the application form. Step 4: Fill out the form and submit. Step 5: Pay for the fee at the checkout counter.

Rules and Regulations for Fishing Licenses

A fishing license is not enough. You must also follow the rules and regulations when fishing. Here are some common rules and regulations you should follow:

Fishing Limits

There are different fishing limits in each state. You should be aware of these limits and not exceed them.

Catch and Release

Several states have catch-and-release policies for certain fish species. You cannot keep the fish that you catch, but must release them back into water.

Fishing Season:

You can only fish during certain seasons. You should be aware of fishing seasons and only fish during those times.

Equipment restrictions

You may be restricted in what equipment you can use to fish. Check the restrictions before you go fishing.

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Cost of fishing license at Walmart

The price of a fishing license at Walmart is determined by the type of license you choose and the state in which you intend to fish. Walmart’s official website will tell you the exact price of a fishing license.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How long is a fishing license valid?

The validity of a licence to fish varies from one state to another. Some states offer fishing licenses for one year, while other offer them for shorter periods.

Q: Can I obtain a fishing license if I’m not a US Citizen?

A: Yes. Anyone who wants to fish on public waters in a state can get a fishing license, regardless of citizenship.

Q: Do you need a fishing license if you are under 16?

A: In the majority of states, children younger than 16 years old are not required to obtain a fishing license. It is best to check with state authorities.


Many Americans enjoy fishing as a recreational activity. It is important to follow the rules and regulations of the state authorities, and have a valid fishing license. Walmart offers convenient ways to purchase fishing licenses, either online or in store. This guide should have helped you to understand everything you need about fishing licenses at Walmart. Happy Fishing!

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