Fishing in Skyrim

fishing in skyrim

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Many players enjoy fishing in Skyrim. It is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend your time in Skyrim. You can also gain valuable items, improve your character’s skill, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

How to Start Fishing

Don’t worry if you’re a newbie to Skyrim’s fishing. It’s an easy and straightforward activity. You’ll first need to purchase a fishing pole. You can either buy a fishing rod from a merchant or find one in the game world. Once you have the fishing rod in your inventory you can begin your fishing journey.

The next step is to find a fishing spot. Skyrim has many bodies of water to fish in, including rivers and lakes. Look for areas that have a calm surface, or where you can see fish swimming. Once you’ve found a good spot to fish, grab your fishing rod and head towards the water.

The Fishing Mechanics

Select the fishing rod in your inventory when you are ready to cast the line. Press the designated button and aim towards the water to cast the line. You’ll see that the baited line will fly out and land into the water. It’s now time to wait for a bite.

The fishing mechanics of Skyrim are based on a minigame system. Once a bite is detected, an on-screen message will appear to indicate that a fish has been caught. You must reel in the fish quickly before it escapes. Pay attention to the tension meter on the screen. When the tension meter reaches the green zone, the fish is tired and you can begin reeling it in.

Avoid reeling in too fast, as this could cause the line break and the fish escape. To ensure a successful capture, maintain a steady pace while keeping an eye on the tension gauge. It’s important to experiment with different techniques for different fish species.

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The Benefits of Fishing

Skyrim’s fishing offers many benefits to players. Fishing is a great way to get valuable items, such as fish. You can cook and eat it to replenish your health, or use it in alchemical recipes. Some fish species are highly sought-after and rare, making them valuable to collectors.

Fishing is a great way to improve your character’s skill level. The more you fish, you’ll gain experience points towards your fishing ability. As you progress, you will be able catch larger fish, access new fishing spots, and unlock fishing-related perks or abilities.

Fishing in Skyrim allows you to relax in the stunning natural environments of the game. Skyrim’s rivers, lakes and coastline are stunningly designed with lush vegetation, towering mountain ranges, and breathtaking views. The tranquility of the surrounding area is enhanced by fishing under the stars or during the day.

Types Of Fish in Skyrim

Skyrim has a variety of fish that you can catch while fishing. Each fish species has unique characteristics, behaviors and appearances. Here are some of most common types that you may encounter.


Salmon is one of the most common fish species in Skyrim. It is often found swimming in fast-flowing river and offers a challenge to anglers because of its agility and power. Salmon can be cooked to create a delicious meal that is full of health benefits.


The pike is a predatory species of fish that is known for its aggressive nature and sharp teeth. This species of fish can be found in the depths and ponds of lakes, waiting for unwitting prey. The pike is a fish that requires patience and skill to catch.

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Cyrodilic Spadetail

The Cyrodilic Spadetail, a rare species of fish found in the murky waters around Skyrim, is a very rare fish. It is highly prized for its unique properties that can be used to create powerful poisons and potions using alchemical recipes.


The Slaughterfish, a dangerous species of fish that lives in both freshwater and seawater, is found in Skyrim. It is known for its razor sharp teeth and aggressive nature. Anglers should be careful when trying to catch a Slaughterfish as it can fight fiercely.


Horkers, although not a fish species per se, are semi-aquatic creatures found near the coasts of Skyrim. They are large, walrus like creatures that present a unique challenge to those who want to test their angling abilities.

Improve Your fishing skills

As we mentioned earlier, Skyrim’s fishing allows you to level-up your character. This skill affects your fishing ability and can be used to unlock various fishing-related abilities or perks.

The more you fish the more experience you will earn for your fishing skill. Fishing-related achievements and quests, as well as catching fish, can all help you improve your fishing skill. You may also receive temporary skill bonuses by using certain fishing equipment or consumables.

Fishing Locations In Skyrim

Skyrim is a vast, diverse world with many fishing spots to explore and discover. There’s a fishing location for every angler, from serene lakes in the mountains to remote coastlines. Here are some of the best fishing spots in Skyrim.


The town of Riverwood, located along the White River, offers excellent fishing opportunities. The calm waters, picturesque surroundings and the opportunity to practice your fishing skills are ideal for novice anglers.

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Lake Ilinalta:

Lake Ilinalta, a large lake in the southeast part of Skyrim, is located on a mountainous plateau. It is known for its abundance of fish, including pike and salmon. The tranquil atmosphere of the lake and its stunning views attracts anglers all over Skyrim.

The Sea of Ghosts

The Sea of Ghosts offers a more challenging fishing experience. This vast body that borders the northern coast of Skyrim is home of many fish species, including elusive Horker. The strong currents, unpredictable weather and strong currents make fishing in this area a challenge.


Solitude, a city located on Skyrim’s northern coastline, offers both urban comforts as well as excellent fishing opportunities. You can fish right from the docks of the city or venture out into the sea to catch more elusive catches. Those who are looking for a variety of fishing experiences will benefit from the Sea of Ghosts’ proximity.


Fishing is a rewarding Skyrim activity that adds depth to the game. Skyrim is a world that offers many opportunities, whether you want to relax and enjoy virtual landscapes or become a master fisherman. Grab your fishing rod and find your favorite fishing spot to embark on an unforgettable fishing experience in the mesmerizing world of Skyrim.

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