Fishing in Minecraft: The Ultimate Guide

fishing in minecraft

Fishing is a popular activity in Minecraft. You can get food, treasures, and even enchantments from fishing. This authoritative guide will teach you everything you need to know about fishing in Minecraft. From the tools to the strategies to use to catch the largest fish.

What you need to start fishing in Minecraft?

Before you begin fishing, you will need to prepare yourself and equip yourself with all the necessary items and tools. These items include:

Fishing Rod

The first thing you will need is a rod. Three sticks and two string can be used to craft a fishing pole. Open the crafting table, and place the materials in this order: stick (string), stick (stick), string and stick.


The bait can be used to increase your chances of catching a fish. You can use:- Raw fish – Raw salmon – Tropical fish – Clownfish – Worms.


You can use enchantments such as:- Luck of the Sea (increases luck when fishing for treasure)- Lure (decreases the time it takes a fish to bite)- Unbreaking (increases durability of your fishing rod). You can use enchantments such as:- Luck of The Sea (increases your luck when fishing for treasures)- Lure, (which decreases the time for a fish bites)- Unbreaking, (which increases the durability of your rod).

How to Fish in Minecraft

You can now start fishing. Here’s how you can fish in Minecraft.

Step 1: Find Water

Find a body of freshwater where you can fish. The best bodies for fishing are:- Rivers, Ponds and Oceans

Step 2: Equip your fishing rod

Click on the water with your right-click and hold your fishing rod. You will see that the fishing line starts to drop into water.

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Step 3: Wait until the fish bites

Wait for a bite while holding the fishing rod. You will feel the rod sway and see the fishing line move.

Step 4: Reel in the Fish

Right-click on the fishing rod when the fish bites to reel it in. Continue right-clicking the fishing rod until you catch the fish.

What can you catch while fishing in Minecraft?

You can catch a variety of items while fishing in Minecraft. Here are some items you can catch when fishing:


Fish is the most common catch you can make while fishing. Three types of fish are available in Minecraft:- Tropical fish- Raw salmonYou can cook raw fish or raw salmon using a campfire or furnace to get cooked fish.


You can also find treasure when fishing. You can find treasures such as:- Enchanted Books- Name Tags- Saddles – Bows – Fishing Rods – Water Bottles- Lily Pads- Leather Boots- Tripwire Hooks


You can also catch trash while fishing. You can catch junk while fishing.

Fishing Strategies in Minecraft

Fishing is a great activity, but can be frustrating if nothing is caught. Here are some tips to increase your chances of finding treasure and fish:

Fishing in Rain

You can catch more fish and treasure if you go fishing during rain.

Open Water Fishing:

It is better to fish in open water than near the shore. The further you cast your fishing rod the better your chances are of finding treasure.

Fishing with Enchanted fishing rod:

You can increase your chances of finding treasure by enchanting your fishing pole with Luck of the Sea.

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Fishing with Bait

Using bait will increase your chances of catching treasure and fish.

Fishing at Specific Times

You can increase your chances to catch specific fish by fishing at specific times:- Raw fish – Anytime – Raw salmon – In the river in the daytime

Fishing for Enchantments

You can also fish in Minecraft for enchantments. You might catch an enchanted e-book while fishing if you’re lucky. Here are some enchantments that you can catch when fishing:


The lure is a magic spell that reduces the time required for a fish bite.

Lucky the Sea:

Luck of the sea is a magical enchantment which increases your chances of finding treasure.


Fishing is a fun activity in Minecraft that can bring you food, treasures, and enchantments. You can become an expert fisherman by following the tips and strategies in this guide. Enjoy your fishing!

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