Fishing for Red Fish: Expert Tips and Tricks

fishing for red fish

Fishing for red fish could be the next big adventure for experienced anglers or newbies looking for a challenge. Red fish, also known by the name red drum, are a highly-coveted game fish that is found in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean. This guide will give you expert tips and tricks to catch red fish like a pro.

Understanding Red Fish Behavior

It is important to understand the behavior of red fish before you begin fishing for them. Red fish are schooling fish, which travel in large groups and often follow baitfish like shrimp or crabs. They prefer shallow water between 2-4 feet deep but can also be found in deeper water. They are most active in the warm months, which runs from late spring through early fall.

How to Choose the Right Equipment

You need the right equipment to maximize your chances of catching red fish. It is recommended to use a medium-heavy to large spinning or casting rod with a fast action. Braided line should be tested to a high pound. Red fish can grow very large and put on a fight. To avoid spooking fish, use a fluorocarbon leader of 20-30lb. Soft plastics, topwater plugs and spoons are all good options for lures.

Finding the Right Spot

Finding the right spot is key to catching red fish. You should look for areas with structures such as docks, jetties, and grass beds. These provide cover and food to red fish. Pay attention to the current and tide, and cast your lure to the water’s flow. A fish finder can also be used to locate schools red fish.

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Techniques to Catch Red Fish

There are many ways to catch red fish, but some methods are more successful than others. Popping cork is a popular method. To mimic the movement of baitfish, you can use a floating cork with either a bucktail or jig to mimic their movements. A Carolina rig is another effective method for drifting live bait such as shrimp and crabs. Anglers may also opt to sight cast for redfish using polarized sunglasses in shallow water.

Tips for reeling in red fish

The real challenge begins once you hook a red fish. Red fish are known for being strong and stubborn and can fight hard. Keep your rod tip high to reel in red fish. Use a steady, firm retrieve to reel them in. The fish may become disoriented if you reel too fast or jerk the line. If the fish is running, let it have some line to help it tire out before you try to reel it in.

Caring for Red Fish

It is important to care for your red fish when you release it. To hold your red fish, use a glove or a wet towel to cover its hands. Avoid touching its eyes or gills. To gently remove the hook using pliers or a hook removal tool, be careful not to damage the fish’s mouth. To help the fish recover, hold it in the water and move it around.

In Conclusion

Red fish fishing can be an exciting and rewarding sport for anglers. These expert tips and tricks will help you increase your chances of catching these rare game fish. Always practice responsible fishing techniques and enjoy the outdoors while respecting the environment. Have fun fishing!

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