Fishing Boat Strikes Cruise Ship: Causes and Consequences

fishing boat strikes cruise ship


Since centuries, cruise ships and fishing boats have been sailing the oceans. While accidents do happen at sea, it is rare for a fishing boat to strike a cruise ship. A collision between a fishing boat or a cruise ship can cause serious injuries, death, and damage to the vessels. This article will discuss the causes and consequences for fishing boat strikes on cruise ship.

Causes of Fishing Boat Strikes On Cruise Ships

Insufficient safety measures for fishing boats

Fishing boats are smaller vessels than larger ships, making them more vulnerable to being sunk by larger ships. Captains may not be able to see approaching ships because of the lack of proper lighting and communication equipment. This can lead to confusion that can lead to collisions.

Human Error

Fishing boat strikes on cruise ships can also be caused by human error. Inexperienced or unqualified captains may operate fishing vessels, leading to poor decision making and navigational errors. Additionally, fishing boats’ crew members may not have been properly trained and may be unable to understand navigational protocols. This can lead to accidents.

Environmental Factors

Fishing boat strikes can also be caused by environmental factors like fog, heavy rain, and strong currents. These adverse weather conditions can cause visibility problems and make it difficult to maneuver the vessels of captains, increasing the chance of accidents.

Consequences for Fishing Boat Strikes on Cruise Ships

Loss of life

The death of a passenger or crew member is possible if a fishing boat strikes a cruise vessel. Both the passengers and crew of the cruise ship as well as the fishing boat are at high risk of getting hurt or drowned.

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Vessel Damages

A collision between a fishing boat and a cruise ship can result in significant damage to both. Cruise ships are often large and have sophisticated navigation technology that can make it difficult for them to avoid collisions. The hull of a cruise ship can be severely damaged by the impact of a fishing boat and may need costly repairs.

Legal Consequences

A collision between a fishing boat and a cruise ship could lead to lawsuits and settlements. The responsible parties may be sued by the injured parties, the families of the deceased, or insurance companies. This can be expensive and time-consuming.

Preventing Strikes by Fishing Boats on Cruise Ships

Proper communication and navigation equipment

To avoid collisions, fishing boats and cruise ships must have the proper communication and navigation equipment. Proper equipment includes onboard cameras and navigation software that can be used for detecting other vessels.

Improved Training and Qualification Standards

Crew members and captains of fishing boats should be properly trained and certified to operate the vessel. Training should include instruction in navigational protocols, emergency response protocols, and communication techniques.

Improved Regulation and Compliance

To prevent fishing boat strikes against cruise ships, regulations and compliance must be enforced. Fishing boats should be equipped with safety features and not operated by unqualified persons.


Cruise ship fishing boat strikes can be avoided by taking safety precautions. The risk of collisions can be reduced by improving communication and navigation equipment, training, qualification standards, and compliance to regulations. We can prevent these terrible incidents and ensure safety for everyone at sea by working together.

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