Fishing Bait Terraria: The Ultimate Guide to Catching All the Fish!

fishing bait terraria

Fishing in Terraria can be a great way of passing the time, but it’s also a great resource for food, potions and even armor. The right bait is essential to catch the largest and most exotic fish. This guide will teach you everything you need about Terraria fishing bait, including how to make it, where to find it, and how you can use it to catch the fish you want.

The Basics of Fishing Bait

Fishing bait is a key part of fishing in Terraria. Bait is an item that attracts fish to your fishing rod, making it easier for you to catch them. Terraria has many types of bait, from simple worms to exotic creatures like fireflies or enchanted nightscrawlers.

Different types of fishing bait

There are many types of fishing baits in Terraria. Each one has its own unique properties. These are the most common types you’ll see in the game.


Terraria’s most popular fishing bait is the worm. They are easy to catch and easy to find. You can find worms in dirt, mud blocks, mushroom grass, or by killing them.


Terraria’s other common bait is the grasshopper. They can be found by breaking up bushes or grass, and they are great for attracting surface-level fish.

Fishing Bugs

Fishing bugs are a method of attracting underground fish. They can be found by mining underground or breaking small rocks.


Fireflies are a kind of bait that attracts fish at night. You can catch fireflies using a net.

Enchanted Nightcrawlers

Enchanted nightcrawlers, a rare type if bait, are used to attract the most exotic and rare fish in Terraria. They are made by combining a star and a worm at a demon altar.

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How to Use Fishing Bait

Now that you are familiar with the different types available in Terraria for fishing bait, it is time to learn how to use them. It is easy to use fishing bait. All you have to do is place it in your bait slot. This slot is located next to your fishing rod slot.

The Best Fishing Baits for Every Fish

Different types of fish will be attracted to different types and types of bait. It is important to know the best bait for each fish. Here are the best baits for each fish:- Bass – Wurm- Copper Ore – Grashopper- Dungeon Fisher – Flaschenpost – Ebonkoi – Hemopiranhas – Golden Carp – Slickerfish – Hemopiranhas – Wurm- Neon Tetra – Fireflies – Obsidian Skimmer – Enchanted Nightcrawler

How to make fishing bait

You can make your own fishing bait if you don’t already have it or don’t want spend the time looking for it. You will need to combine various ingredients at a crafting station in order to make fishing bait.


To make worms you will need to buy or find bait power bait from the merchant. This can be mixed with any type dirt or mud block.


You can make grasshoppers by combining bait power bait with any type or grass block.

Fishing Bugs

You can make fishing bugs by combining bait power bait with any kind of small rock.


You will need a net to catch fireflies in order to make fireflies.

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Enchanted Nightcrawlers

You will need to combine a worm and a fallen star at an altar of demons in order to make enchanted nightcrawlers.

Where to find fishing bait

Terraria is a great place to find fishing bait if you don’t want to make your own. Here are some great places to find fishing bait:

Fishing in Bodies of Water

Fishing in bodies of water is the best place to find Terraria fishing bait. Many fish will come with their own bait, such as fireflies, grasshoppers, and worms.

Breaking Grass and Bushes

You can find grasshoppers by breaking down bushes and grass. Breaking mushroom grass can also help you find worms.

Killing Worms

To obtain worm bait, kill any worms you see.

Breaking Rocks and Mining

You can find fish bugs by mining underground or breaking small rocks. Sometimes, you can also find enchanted nightcrawlers by combing worms with fallen star at a demon altar.

Terraria’s Fishing Bait: What is it?

Fishing in Terraria is a very important part of the sport. The right bait can increase your chances of catching exotic and rare fish as well as improve the quality of what you catch. You’ll soon be a master Terraria fisherman if you follow the tips in this guide. Wish you good luck and happy fishing!

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