Fishing at Cherry Grove Pier: A Guide to the Ultimate Experience

fishing at cherry grove pier

Cherry Grove Pier is the perfect spot for fishing in South Carolina. This pier is located in North Myrtle Beach and is one of the most popular spots for fishing in the region. It’s well-known for its long history and abundance of fish to catch, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding fishing at Cherry Grove Pier.

Cherry Grove Pier: History

Cherry Grove Pier was built in 1950 and has been through many renovations. It is now a 985-foot wooden structure that extends into Atlantic Ocean. The pier is known for its record-breaking catch rates, including a 1964 catch of a 178-pound Tarpon. The pier was damaged by Hurricane Floyd in 1999. It was rebuilt one year later with new amenities.

How to get to Cherry Grove Pier

Cherry Grove Pier is located on 3500 N Ocean Blvd in North Myrtle Beach SC 29582. Parking is available at the pier. However, it can get very busy on weekends and holidays. It is possible to walk or cycle to the pier from most places if you are staying in North Myrtle Beach. You can also use shuttle services to get to the pier.

Pier Fishing Regulations

It is important to understand the rules and regulations of Cherry Grove Pier before you go fishing. Anyone over 16 years old must have a fishing license. The pier is open daily from 6 a.m. to midnight. The pier is strictly a catch and release pier. This means that you can’t keep any fish you catch. You can also not bring alcohol, glass containers, or pets to the pier.

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Cherry Grove Pier is the best place to fish

Cherry Grove Pier offers a wide range of fish to catch when it comes to fishing. The most popular fish include flounder, Spanish mackerel and bluefish. You may also be able catch tarpon or sharks during the summer months.

Bait and Tackle

There is a bait shop at the pier that sells all you need to fish, including tackle and rods. You can also bring your gear if you have it. You can also clean your catch at fish-cleaning stations. You should know that certain fish, such as Spanish mackerel require a wire leader to keep them from biting your line.

Best Times to Fish

Cherry Grove Pier is best to fish in the morning or late afternoon when the tide is moving. The pier is open every day and you can fish anytime. The type of fish you catch can also be affected by the time of year. It’s worth checking with the staff at the pier to find out what’s biting.

Cherry Grove Pier offers other activities

Cherry Grove Pier offers many other activities, including fishing. You can also find souvenirs, snacks, drinks, and a gift shop at Cherry Grove Pier. The pier hosts a live band during the summer months. Fireworks are also displayed on Wednesday nights. The pier is a great spot to take photos and enjoy the breathtaking sunset and sunrise views.

Cherry Grove Pier Accommodations

There are many options for accommodation near Cherry Grove Pier. Near the pier, there are many hotels and resorts in North Myrtle Beach. There are also many condos and rental houses that offer breathtaking ocean views and beachfront access.

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Cherry Grove Pier fishing is an unforgettable experience. It’s easy to see why Cherry Grove Pier is a popular spot for anglers. From the variety of fish that you can catch to the amenities, it’s no surprise it’s so popular. Cherry Grove Pier is the perfect spot for novice or experienced fisherman to cast their line in South Carolina. Have fun and be sure to respect the regulations of the pier.

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