Exploring the Beauty of West Branch Ausable River

west branch ausable river

The 60-mile-long West Branch Ausable River, also known by the Ausable River West Branch is located in northern New York’s Adirondack Mountain. It runs from the High Peaks Wilderness Area up to Lake Champlain. This makes it one of the longest rivers within the Adirondacks. It is renowned for its beautiful water, abundance of wildlife, and stunning scenery. It is a popular destination to fish, hike, canoe, kayak, and canoe.

A River of Many Faces

The West Branch Ausable River truly is a river with many faces. It begins its journey in High Peaks Wilderness Area. Here it is a small, babbling river that winds its way through dense forest, over rocky terrain and through steep gorges.

The river flows downstream and becomes a cold-water stream, which is known for its outstanding salmon and trout fishing. Many anglers visit the West Branch Ausable River to attempt to catch the rare brown trout. This fish is well-known for its beauty, size and fighting spirit.

Further downstream, the river becomes more calmer and wider. It flows through Wilmington, a historic town, and Whiteface Mountain, a popular ski resort. Visitors can take scenic bike rides, walks and hikes along this river, admiring the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

A Natural Wonderland

The West Branch Ausable River, a natural wonderland in the Adirondack Mountains, is a true gem. It is home to an amazing array of fauna and flora, including trout and salmon, otters and beavers, as well as a variety rare bird species.

The Adirondacks are also home to some of the most beautiful and serene wilderness in the Adirondacks. There are dense forests, rolling hills and towering mountains that offer excellent hiking and wildlife watching opportunities.

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The West Branch Ausable River has something for everyone, whether you’re a novice hiker, an experienced angler, or just a nature lover.

Kayak or canoe to explore the river

Canoeing or kayaking is a great way to explore the West Branch Ausable River. The river’s calm waters and gentle currents make it a great place to paddle, no matter if you are a beginner kayaker or an expert.

You can rent kayaks or canoes at many locations along the river, including Keene and several other locations in the region. You can launch your kayak/canoe from there and paddle downstream, taking in the beauty of the river as you go.

Fishing on the West Branch Ausable River

The West Branch Ausable River is a popular fishing spot in the Adirondacks. The river is well-known for its salmon and trout fishing, with brown trout being most sought-after.

The river is home both wild and stocked trout. Anglers can fish for these rare fish all year. The best time to fish for trout in the West Branch Ausable River’s waters is in the spring or fall when the water temperature is lower and the fish are more active.

Camping and hiking on the River

The West Branch Ausable River is located in the Adirondack Mountains and is surrounded by beautiful, unspoiled wilderness. There are many opportunities to hike and camp along the river and in surrounding areas.

There are many popular hiking trails that run alongside the river, including High Peaks Wilderness Area (or the Wilmington Flume Trail). These trails offer stunning views of the river and surrounding mountains and are ideal for hikers of any level.

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There are many camping areas and campgrounds available along the river.

Explore the Towns Along the River

The West Branch Ausable River is more than just a place to enjoy the outdoors and adventure; it also has many charming towns and villages that are well worth exploring.

Wilmington is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to the region. It is home to many restaurants, shops, attractions, and other amenities. You can enjoy a scenic drive along this river to see the charming town. Or stop by to grab a bite or shop in the town’s center.

The Perfect Destination

The West Branch Ausable River is the ideal destination for anyone looking for outdoor adventure, stunning scenery, or a place to unwind and relax. It is a place that will inspire and captivate all ages with its beautiful water, diverse wildlife and stunning natural beauty.

Why not make your next trip to the West Branch Ausable River a priority and experience all that this amazing destination has to offer?

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