Explore Redfish Campground: 10 Amazing Outdoor Activities!

redfish campground

Redfish Campground is a tranquil and peaceful place to spend your next vacation. It’s located on the banks the Redfish River in Colorado. It’s a great spot to fish, swim, and birdwatch, as well as for camping in tents or RVs. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Redfish Campground from its amenities to frequently asked questions.

Redfish Campground: What to Expect

Redfish Campground is accessible all year, so you can visit at any time. It was established in 1993, and offers many amenities. The campground has two distinct camping areas: one with fifteen sites and the other with 18 sites.

Each campsite has its own fire ring, picnic table, and parking spot. There are also communal bathrooms and showers. The campground is close to trees and shrubs which provide shade and nearby trails for hiking or biking.

The campground is surrounded by the Redfish River, which makes it a great spot for swimming and fishing. You can bring your RV to the campground and set it up at one of the sites. Some sites also have water and electricity.

Redfish Campground: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an entrance fee?

Redfish Campground charges an entrance fee. Redfish Campground charges $20 per vehicle. Two vehicles are allowed.

2. Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed in the campground. However, they must be kept on a leash and cleaned up by their owners.

3. Is there Wifi access at the campground?

Redfish Campground does not have Wi-Fi, but you can usually get cell phone reception.

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4. Are there group camping sites available?

Yes, the campground has group campsites. These sites can hold up to twenty-five persons.

5. What are the Best Fire Rings?

There are nine fire rings in the campground. You will need to bring your own firewood as there is no supply.

6. Are there showers at the campground?

Yes, there are two communal showers at the campground. They can be found in the bathroom area.

7. Can I Swim in Redfish River?

Yes, visitors are allowed to swim in the Redfish River. Please ensure that you follow all safety signs and precautions.

8. Are there Hiking and Biking Trails in the Area?

Yes, there are many trails that can be used to bike or hike around the campground.

Redfish Campground: When to Visit

Redfish Campground is accessible all year, so you can visit anytime of the year. If you want to avoid crowds, however, the best times to visit are in the fall and early summer. Even though some trails and amenities might be closed in winter, it can still be enjoyable.

Redfish Campground is busiest during summer, especially during holidays. You can expect to see the campgrounds crowded and congestion on the roads. If you want to avoid crowds, avoid this time.

How to get to Redfish Campground

Redfish Campground can be found in Colorado, near Redstone. The campgrounds can be reached easily from Interstate 70. Exit 80 is the closest exit. It’s only a short drive from there to the campgrounds.

It takes approximately three and a quarter hours to drive from Denver, while it takes about one hour to drive from Grand Junction. A nearby Gunnison is also an option. It takes about an hour to fly.

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Redfish Campground: Final Thoughts

Redfish Campground is the ideal place to spend your next vacation. It’s the ideal spot for camping, fishing, birdwatching, swimming, and other activities. It’s also close to Redstone Castle, a popular tourist attraction. Get your bags packed and make your way to Redfish Campground!

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