Experience Thrilling Adventures with Eastman Deep Sea Fishing

eastman deep sea fishing

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure on open seas? Eastman Deep Sea Fishing is the East Coast’s premier provider of deep-sea fishery experiences. We offer a memorable experience for anglers of every level with our top-quality equipment, knowledgeable staff, safety and sustainability commitments.

What to Expect from Eastman Deep Sea Fishing

You can expect the following when you book your adventure with Eastman Deep Sea Fishing:

High-Quality Equipment

We know that the best equipment is crucial for a successful fishing trip. We invest in top-of the-line fishing gear including reels, tackle, and rods to ensure you catch the fish of your dreams.

Guides with experience

Our guides are not only experts in fishing but also passionate about what they do. They will share their expertise and offer tips and advice to help you navigate the open ocean.

Safety First

Safety is our number one priority at Eastman Deep Sea Fishing. We follow strict safety protocols, including providing life vests and first aid kits as well as emergency communication equipment aboard.

Sustainability is important

We are committed to sustainable fishing practices that help protect the delicate ecosystem of the ocean. We follow catch-and-release protocols with certain species and carefully select the fish that we will take home for quality consumption.

Different types of fishing

Eastman Deep Sea Fishing offers a variety fishing experiences to suit your needs and skill level. These include:

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing is the best way to experience the ultimate thrill. We will take you to deep-sea fishing, up to 500 feet deep, where you can catch big game fish such as tuna, marlin and swordfish.

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Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing is for those who prefer a more relaxed experience. We will fish closer to the shore where you can catch species like trout, redfish, and flounder.

Sport fishing

Sport fishing is a great option for a challenging adventure. Sport fishing involves using lighter tackle to catch species such as yellowfin tuna and sailfish. This requires more strategy and finesse.

What to Bring

We recommend that you bring the following items to make the most of your fishing experience at Eastman Deep Sea Fishing.


Sunburns can be severe on the open ocean, so make sure you have plenty of sunscreen.

Comfortable Clothing

Layer up and wear comfortable clothes and shoes that don’t mind getting soaked.


Polarized sunglasses can reduce glare and make fish in water easier to see.

Food and Drink

You will need to have plenty of snacks and beverages to fuel you throughout the day.


You should bring a cooler if you plan on keeping fish.

Book Your Adventure

Are you ready to book your Eastman Deep Sea Fishing Adventure? Here’s what to do:

Group Size

We can accommodate up to six people per boat.


Depending on the package you choose, trips typically last between four to eight hours.


Prices vary depending on the length of your trip and the package you choose. For more information, visit our website.


To ensure availability, we recommend booking your trip in advance. You can book your trip via our website or by calling the office.

Cancellation Policy

We know that plans can change. To avoid cancellation fees, please cancel your trip at least 48 hours before departure.

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Benefits of Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing has many benefits, including:

Stress Relief

Being outdoors and surrounded nature can reduce stress and improve mood.

Physical Activity

Fishing is a great way of moving and burning calories, especially if your catch is big game fish.

Bonding Time

Fishing is a great way to spend time with friends and family, and to create lasting memories.

Learning Opportunities

Fishing allows you to learn more about the marine environment and how it works. It also gives you the opportunity to develop new skills and techniques.


Eastman Deep Sea Fishing is the best choice for a memorable deep-sea fishing adventure. We offer a world-class adventure with top-quality equipment and experienced guides. We are committed to safety and sustainability and will exceed your expectations. Book your trip now and be ready to catch the catch of your life!

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