Everything You Need to Know About Michigan Fishing License

michigan fishing license

Michigan takes fishing very seriously. Anglers have plenty of opportunities to catch big fish in Michigan, with over 11,000 inland lake, 36,000 miles rivers and streams and a stunning Great Lakes coast. Before you cast your line it is important to have a Michigan fishing license.

What is a Michigan Fishing License (MFL)?

A Michigan fishing permit is a permit that is issued by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to allow individuals to legally engage in recreational fishing in Michigan’s waters. The license is a valuable tool for conservation, as the money generated by the sale of licenses is used to manage and protect Michigan’s aquatic resources.

Who needs a Michigan fishing license?

Anyone 17 years of age or older who wants to fish recreationally on Michigan’s public waters must have a valid Michigan fishing licence. If they are fishing with a licensed adult, children younger than 17 years old do not need a license.

Types of Michigan fishing licenses

The Michigan DNR offers different fishing licenses depending on the individual’s age, residence, and duration of the license. Here are the most common types of fishing licenses:

Resident License

Only Michigan residents can obtain a resident fishing license. The license is valid for one year or three, and the cost depends on the length of time.

Non-Resident License

Non-residents can purchase a nonresident license that is the same as the resident license. It has the same duration and type. It is more expensive, however, than the resident license.

Senior License

Residents of Michigan who are 65 or older can purchase a senior fishing permit that is valid for a year or three. It costs less than a resident license.

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Disability License

Veterans with disabilities or individuals with disabilities can apply for a fishing permit at a discounted price.

24-Hour License

A 24-hour license will suffice for anyone who is a resident of Michigan or a nonresident who wants to fish for a single day in Michigan. The 24-hour license costs less than other licenses.

How to get a Michigan fishing license?

You can buy a Michigan fishing permit online via the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, at a local retailer or by calling 1-855-777-908. You must present a valid form of identification when you purchase a Michigan fishing license. This includes a driver’s licence, birth certificate or passport.

Michigan Fishing Regulations

You must also follow the state regulations to obtain a Michigan fishing permit. Michigan fishing regulations include the following:

Fishing Seasons

Michigan has different fishing seasons for each species of fish. These seasons can vary depending on the type of fish and where you are fishing. Check the state regulations so you can ensure that you are fishing in the correct season.

Catch Limits

Michigan has set different catch limits for fish species. The size and number allowed for a fish to be caught and kept determines the catch limits. Knowing the catch limits is important because exceeding them could result in fines and confiscation of fishing equipment.

Types of Bait

Michigan’s aquatic environment can be damaged by certain types of bait. Some waterways have bait restrictions.

Fishing Methods

Michigan also regulates what types of fishing are allowed in its waters. It’s crucial to know what methods are legal, so you don’t violate any rules. Some waterways, for example, do not allow nets to be used, while others prohibit artificial lures.

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The process of obtaining a Michigan fishing licence is simple and allows anglers the opportunity to participate in recreational fishing, while also supporting Michigan’s conservation efforts. Always follow state regulations and practice responsible angling. Happy fishing!

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