Everything You Need to Know About MA Saltwater Fishing License

ma saltwater fishing license

Are you looking to fish in saltwater areas of Massachusetts You will need the MA saltwater fishing licence. The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries manages the state’s fisheries resources. Commonly known as DMF, The agency regulates commercial and recreational fishing in state waters and monitors marine ecosystem health.

What is a MA Saltwater Fishing License (MA Saltwater Fishing License)?

A MA saltwater fishing permit allows you to fish in saltwater areas in Massachusetts. This license is required to fish from a boat or shore for recreational purposes. It also includes saltwater fishing for shellfish, finfish, and lobster. If you are a Massachusetts resident, under 16 or over 60, you do not need a license to fish saltwater. You don’t need to have a separate license to fish saltwater if you already have a Massachusetts commercial fishing licence or freshwater fishing license.

Who needs a MA saltwater fishing license?

A MA saltwater fishing licence is required for non-residents of Massachusetts who are 16 years old or older and wish to fish in saltwater areas. You must also apply for the license if you are a Massachusetts resident aged 16 to 59 years. A MA saltwater fishing license is also required for charter boat captains, crew, and anglers who are onboard a for hire vessel, including party or head boats.

How to get a MA Saltwater Fishing License

Massachusetts DMF made it easy to obtain a MA saltwater fishing licence. The license can be obtained online, by phone, or in person at one of the DMF offices. You will need to provide personal information, such as your name, address, date, birth, social security number, email address, and date of birth in order to apply for the license. You can also choose whether the license is for an annual or a one-day period. You will also need to provide details about your fishing activities, such as the type and species of fish you plan on targeting.

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What are the Massachusetts Fishing Seasons?

The species of fish that you want to catch will determine the fishing season in Massachusetts. The striped bass season, for example, typically starts in the third weekend in April and ends in mid October. The flounder season runs from April 1-December 31. Black sea bass season runs from May 22 through September 12. Tautog season is available all year. Lobster season runs from May 1 through October 31. These dates can change at any time so make sure to check with the Massachusetts DMF before you plan your fishing trip.

How Much Does a MA Saltwater Fishing License cost?

The length of the license determines the cost of a MA saltwater fishing licence. An annual license costs $10 per resident and $20 per non-resident. Non-residents and residents can get a one-day license for $10. There are exceptions. For $1, Massachusetts residents 60 years old or older and those with disabilities can get a reduced-fee licence. A reduced-fee license is available for veterans and active-duty military personnel.

What are the Massachusetts Fishing Regulations?

To protect and preserve Massachusetts’ fisheries resources, the Massachusetts DMF has strict regulations. The agency regulates the size, creel limit, season, and age of each species of fish. One striped bass can be kept per day, but it must not exceed 28 inches in size. The size limits for flounder vary depending on their species. Black sea bass must measure at least 15 inches in length, and there is a daily limit of five fish. Before you go fishing, make sure to read the regulations.

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What gear is allowed for MA saltwater fishing?

You can use a variety of gear to saltwater fish in Massachusetts. Fishing rods, reels and lines are the most popular gears. Dip nets and handlines can be used to catch baitfish and lobsters. Some gears are not allowed. Gaffs are not allowed to catch striped bass. It is also illegal to catch fish using explosives, electrical devices, poison or any other similar means.

Why is a MA Saltwater Fishing License important?

The MA saltwater fishing licence plays an important role in conservation efforts and sustainable marine resource management. The state’s fisheries management programs are directly supported by the license sales, which include resource assessments, monitoring, and research. The agency uses data from license holders to make informed management decisions that protect fish stocks as well as their habitats.

Other Things to Consider

It is important to consider additional factors before you go on a fishing trip in saltwater Massachusetts. You must have a fishing license and follow all fishing regulations. A fishing plan must be prepared that details where you will fish, what equipment you will use, and what species you intend to catch. To ensure your safety, you must also check the ocean conditions and the weather forecast.


A MA saltwater fishing permit is essential to allow anglers to fish in saltwater areas in Massachusetts. The license promotes conservation efforts and sustainable management marine resources. It is easy to get a license online, by phone, or in person. Before you go on a fishing trip, make sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations and create a fishing plan that will ensure your safety and compliance with law.

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