Everything You Need to Know About Iowa Fishing Licenses

iowa fishing license

What is an Iowa fishing license?

A fishing license in Iowa is a permit that’s issued by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. It allows you to legally fish on the Iowa waters. Anyone over 16 years old who wants to fish the state’s rivers, lakes, and streams must have a fishing license.

Types of Iowa Fishing Licenses

Iowa offers several different types fishing licenses, depending on age, residency, and the duration of the license. Iowa fishing licenses are available in several different types.

Resident fishing license:

This license is only available to Iowan residents and is valid for a calendar year after the date of purchase. Residents can choose between a fishing license and a fishing/hunting combination license.

Non-Resident fishing license:

Non-residents can purchase a nonresident fishing license that is valid for a calendar year. Non-residents may also choose a fishing/hunting combination license.

Youth Fishing License

In Iowa, children under 16 years old can obtain a youth license that allows them to fish with the supervision of an adult licensed in fishing.

Senior Fishing License

Iowa residents 65 years old and older are eligible for a senior fishing license.

How to obtain an Iowa fishing license

There are several options for obtaining an Iowa fishing permit. You can purchase a fishing permit online via the Iowa DNR’s website. This is the fastest and most convenient option. You can also buy a fishing license at authorized retailers such as bait shops or sporting goods stores.

Cost of Iowa fishing licenses

The cost of an Iowa Fishing License varies depending on your choice of license and your residency status. Resident fishing permits cost about $19 for one year, while non-residents will pay about $48.

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The Benefits of an Iowa Fishing License

A valid Iowa fishing licence allows you to fish legally in the state waters and also supports conservation efforts. It also helps manage Iowa’s fish population. The money generated by the sale of fishing licenses is used to fund habitat restoration programs, stocking programmes, and educational initiatives.

Rules and Regulations

Before you head out on the water, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the fishing regulations in Iowa. Some of the most important regulations to remember include:

Size and Possession Limits

Iowa has limits on the number and size of fish that may be caught and retained. These limits are essential to avoid penalties or fines.

Special Regulations

Iowa may have special regulations, such as catch and release zones or seasonal closures. Check for any special fishing regulations in the area you plan to fish.

Use of Bait

Iowa has restrictions on the type of baits that can be used. To avoid breaking the law, it is important to be aware of these restrictions and to abide by them.

Renewing your Iowa fishing license

You will need to renew your fishing license to continue fishing in Iowa. You can renew or purchase a license at authorized retailers.

Iowa Fishing Laws

Iowa DNR enforces the fishing laws to ensure that anglers follow regulations and protect Iowa’s natural resource. Conservation officers patrol Iowa’s waterways to monitor fishing activity and ensure compliance.

Penalties for Fishing without a License

If you fish without a valid Iowa license, it is a violation of the state law. You can be fined, penalized, or even have your fishing equipment confiscated. To avoid these penalties, it is important to always have a valid Iowa fishing license.

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Reporting Violations

You can report a violation to the Iowa DNR if you see someone fishing in Iowa without a valid fishing license or violating the fishing regulations. Reporting violations protects Iowa’s natural resources, and ensures everyone fishing in the state follows the rules.


A simple process, obtaining an Iowa fishing permit allows you to enjoy nature and support conservation efforts. You can have a great fishing experience in Iowa by following the rules and regulations.

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