Everything You Need to Know About AZ Fishing License

az fishing license

Are you an avid angler looking to fish in Arizona’s many scenic waterways? You will need an Arizona Fishing License if you answered yes. You can legally fish in Arizona waters, and have a relaxing day of angling. This guide will cover everything you need to know and how to get an AZ fishing licence.

What is an AZ Fishing License and how do I get one?

A AZ Fishing License allows you to legally fish in the many waterways of Arizona. These licenses are sold to raise funds for the management and conservation fisheries. This allows the state to preserve and sustain aquatic habitats.

Who needs an AZ Fishing License

A valid Arizona Fishing License is required for anyone who wishes to fish in Arizona for commercial or recreational purposes. All anglers over 10 years old must have a valid Arizona Fishing License, regardless of whether they’re a resident or visitor from another country or state.

Why get an AZ Fishing License

An AZ Fishing License can be essential for many reasons. First, Arizona law makes it illegal to fish without a license. Anyone caught fishing without a valid license could face fines, imprisonment, or even jail time. A second reason to purchase an AZ Fishing License is that you are supporting habitat conservation and management, ensuring a sustainable fishing culture in the future.

Types of AZ Fishing Licenses

Arizona Game and Fish Department offers many types and types of fishing licenses to meet the needs of anglers. These are the types available for AZ Fishing Licences:

Resident Licenses

Arizona residents must have resided in Arizona for at least six months prior to purchasing a Resident License.

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Annual License

The 12-month-long validity of the Annual License allows you to fish in all public waters in Arizona for 12 months. This is the most common type of license.

Semi-Annual License

The Semi-Annual License is valid six months from the date it was purchased. It allows the holder of the license to fish in all public waters in Arizona.

Combination Hunt and Fish License

Combination Hunt and Fish Licenses allow you to hunt and fish in Arizona. This license is a great option for people who enjoy both of these activities.

Non-Resident Licenses

Anyone who is not a resident of Arizona can purchase the Non-Resident Licenses.

General Fishing License

The General Fishing License permits the holder to fish in all Arizona public waters for the duration of the license.

Short-term License

The Short-term License is valid up to five consecutive days. It allows the holder of the license to fish in all public waters in Arizona.

Youth Combination Hunt and Fish License

The Youth Combination Hunt and Fish License allows youth aged 10-17 to hunt and fish in Arizona.

How to get an AZ Fishing License

It is easy and straightforward to get an AZ Fishing License. There are several options for purchasing your license, including:


Online purchase of your AZ Fishing License can be made through the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s site.


You can buy your AZ Fishing License in-person at any of the department’s customer service centers, or any authorized dealer.

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You can order your AZ Fishing License by calling the department’s customer support center.

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The Cost of AZ Fishing Licenses

The cost of an AZ Fishing Licence varies depending on many factors such as the type of license purchased and whether the buyer is a resident of non-resident.

Resident licenses cost

– Annual License: $37 – Semi-Annual Licence: $28 – Combination Hunt and Fish license: $57

Non-Resident Licenses Cost

– General Fishing License $55- Short-term License $20- Youth Combination Hunt & Fish License $5

AZ Fishing License Regulations

Before you go fishing, it is important to fully understand the rules that govern AZ Fishing Licenses. Here are some things anglers need to remember when fishing in Arizona.

Validation of License

All AZ Fishing Licenses have to be signed and the angler’s name printed on them. Only the name on the license is valid.

Fishing Season

Arizona’s fishing seasons can vary depending on the species. To avoid fishing in the closed season, it is important to verify the regulations for the species you plan to fish.

Fishing Limits

Each species has its own fishing limits to ensure sustainability and avoid overfishing. To avoid violating the law, it is important to know the fishing limits of the species you plan to catch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an AZ Fishing License last?

AZ Fishing Licenses are usually valid for one year after purchase.

Can a non-resident buy an AZ Fishing License

Non-residents can buy an AZ Fishing License. Non-residents will have to pay more for the same type license as residents.

Can I fish in all states with a single license?

No, AZ Fishing Licences are only valid for fishing in Arizona waters. You will need a license to fish in other states.

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Getting an AZ Fishing License, is a crucial step to legal fishing in Arizona’s beautiful waters. To meet the needs of anglers, the Department of Game and Fish offers a variety of fishing licenses. To promote sustainability and protect aquatic habitats, it is important to follow the fishing regulations established by the department. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about obtaining an AZ Fishing License. Get your fishing gear and a license ready before you head out to enjoy Arizona’s beautiful outdoors.

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