Catfish UK Fishing: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Catching the Monster Fish

catfish uk fishing

Catfish fishing can be a thrilling, challenging experience that requires patience, skill, and the proper gear. Catfishing in the UK may not be as popular around the world as it is elsewhere, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t catch catfish here. Anglers can find some of world’s largest catfish in the UK.

The Catfish Species of the UK

In the UK, there are two catfish species: the wels and the channel catfish. Wels catfish can grow to 16 feet in length and weigh up 660 pounds. Channel catfish are smaller than wels catfish. They can grow up to 40 inches long and weigh around 40 pounds.

Where to Fish for Catfish In the UK

Finding the right place to fish for catfish is the first step. In the UK, catfish can be found in rivers and canals. Catfish fishing is best in the UK at the Mequinenza Reservoir, the River Po, and the River Ebro. In the UK you can find catfish in the River Severn and the River Trent.

When to Fish for Catfish In the UK

Catfish are primarily active at night. They can also be caught during daylight hours. The best time for catfishing in the UK is between May and September when the water temperature begins to warm.

What bait to use for catfish fishing in the UK

Catfish are opportunistic eaters and will eat anything they can catch. Catfish are attracted to worms and maggots. They also like live baits, dead baits, and boilies. Try using bluegills, shads, or bullheads as live bait. If you are using dead baits, mackerel and herring work well.

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Rigging for Catfish Fishing In The UK

It’s important to use heavy duty gear when rigging for UK catfish fishing. For reeling in these giant fish, you need a strong rod and reel set-up with good-quality line. Use a slip sinker rig with a 2-ounce weight and a strong hook. Circle hooks are a good choice when fishing for catch-and release.

Catfishing Techniques in the UK

There are many ways to catch catfish in the UK. Here are some of the best techniques for catching cats in the UK.

  1. Driftfishing – Drift fishing is the act of moving a boat or kayak down the river, while dragging an baited line in front. This technique is effective for catching catfish which are actively feeding on the riverbanks.
  2. Bottom Fisher – Bottom fishing is casting your baited lines and waiting for the fish to bite. This technique is useful for catching catfish on the river bottom.
  3. Jugfishing – Jug fishing is the use of a jug, float or baited line. The jug or float is then released in the water, and allowed to drift with the current. This technique is useful for catching catfish near the surface of water.
  4. Trotlining– Trotlining is the process of setting up a line with several hooks and baited fishing lines. The line is then positioned across the river, and allowed to drift with the current. This technique is effective for catching several catfish on a single fishing trip.
  5. Bankfishing – Bank fishing is fishing from a river bank, canal or reservoir. This technique is effective for catching catfish close to the shore.
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Catfishing in the UK is a thrilling, challenging experience. You can catch some of world’s largest catfish with the right equipment, knowledge and techniques. You can learn something new about catfishing whether you’re an experienced or novice angler. This guide will help you catch monster fish and create lasting fishing memories.

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