Best Places to Fish in Florida: Enjoy the Thrill of Fishing in the Sunshine State!

best places to fish in florida

Are you an avid fisherman and searching for the best fishing spots in Florida? You’ve found the right place. Florida offers a wide variety of fishing habitats ranging from freshwater rivers and lakes to saltwater bays and deep sea. There’s a Florida fishery for everyone, whether you’re an experienced pro or a novice. This guide will explore the best places to go fishing in Florida, and what makes each place unique.

1. Miami Beach

Miami Beach, located in the southern part Florida, is a seaside destination that offers unbeatable opportunities for fishing. You can catch the fish you want with an abundance of angling options like snooks, redfishes, tarpons, and bonefish. Miami Beach is a great place to visit, with its Art Deco architecture, palm trees, sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife.

2. Amelia Island

Amelia Island is located in the northeast corner Florida. The beautiful beaches and abundance of inshore and offshore fishing make Amelia Island a popular destination among fishing enthusiasts. You can fish for species like trout, flounders, redfishes, and tarpons. Anglers will find hot spots such as the Nassau Sound and Fort Clinch State Park.

3. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park in Florida is a geographical icon that is known for its diverse fishing options. Freshwater habitats are abundant in game fish species such as bass, catfish, and bream. The park’s estuaries and backwaters also offer incredible top-water fishing and light-tackle fishing opportunities for snooks, tarpons, and redfish.

4. Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee, the largest freshwater in Florida, is a bass fishing haven. The lake is surrounded with rolling hills, cypresses, and lush vegetation. It’s a beautiful place to fish. The lake is filled with monster bass, speckled perch, and catfish. Prepare yourself for an adventure deep in the historic marshlands of Florida.

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5. Key West

Key West is one of the most popular destinations for saltwater fishing. Key West, located in the southernmost part of Florida, offers a wide range of fishing opportunities in the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You can fish for tarpon, snapper, grouper, or sailfish. Anglers will also enjoy the relaxed island lifestyle and the history of the area.

6. Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet State Park, located in the middle of Florida between Miami and Jacksonville is a great place for fishing retreats. You’ll find a great mix of saltwater and freshwater fishing here. The park is home a variety fish species including snooks, redfishes, and tarpons. Check out the Indian River Lagoon for snook, redfish, and trout.

7. Gulf Islands National Seashore

Gulf Islands National Seashore, with its pristine beaches and emerald green waters, is also a great place to catch fish. The national park covers miles of coastline, offering a wide range of inshore and off-shore fishing opportunities. Redfish, snook and trout are just a few of the many fish species you can find here.

8. Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, Florida is home to some of the best fishing in Florida. The city’s Gulf Coast is home to a variety of marine life. In this vibrant city, you can expect to see fish species like grouper, kingfish and tarpon. The Bay Bridges, Egmont Key and other famous fishing spots in Florida are located on the bay.

9. Pensacola

Pensacola, located on the western part of Florida, is known for its emerald water and white sand beaches. The local fishing is also a big draw for visitors. Pensacola has a variety of saltwater and inland freshwater fishing spots. In this region, you can find many fish species, including snapper, bass, and tarpon.

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10. Flamingo

Flamingo’s unique location at the southernmost point of mainland Florida allows easy access to both the Everglades National Park and the Gulf of Mexico. The area is home of a variety game species such as tarpons, redfish and snook. The location is remote and that makes it unique and unforgettable.


Florida is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the world. Anglers of any skill level can find a variety of saltwater and inland fisheries. We’ve covered 10 of the best fishing spots in Florida. Each has its own unique attractions and fishing possibilities. Pack your fishing gear and visit one of these places to experience the joy of fishing in Florida.

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