ACNH Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Catch Fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

acnh fishing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or ACNH to its fans, has taken over the gaming world. The life simulation game created a vivid, colorful world where players could explore, interact with other players and nature, and take part in activities such as fishing. ACNH’s fishing is a fascinating aspect that players cannot resist. It’s a crucial gameplay mechanic that boosts your museum and earns you more bells.

Introduction to ACNH Fishing

ACNH fishing involves catching different fish and sea creatures with a fishing rod, bait and then donating, keeping or selling them in Nook’s Cranny for bells. To catch fish, players must equip the fishing rod with bait and toss the line into the water. When a bite occurs, players must use the A button to reel the line in and release it once the fish begins pulling the rod. The game features a variety of fish, each with their own unique characteristics, including size, habitat, and availability. To improve their chances of fishing in ACNH players should be familiar with the game’s fishing mechanics, best fishing spots and different types of fish.

Fishing Equipment in ACNH

You will need different items to fish with ACNH. These items include:

Fishing Rods

The fishing rod in ACNH is a vital tool that players use to catch fish and other sea life. The player can choose from different fishing rods that have varying capacities and prices. Both the DIY Fishing Rod as well as the Fishing Rod can catch any fish in game. The original can be purchased from Nook’s Cranny, or obtained through crafting.

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Bait is used to attract fish and other sea life in ACNH. To use bait, players must first select their fishing rod from their inventory and then select the bait. Bait can either be made from Manila Clams, which can be found at the beach, or purchased from Nook’s Cranny. Although bait is not required, it is recommended that you use it because it increases the rate of fish catch.

Fishing Nets

The Fishing Net allows players to catch multiple fishes at once. To use the Fishing Net the player must craft the item and throw it from the edge of the water. It will absorb all fish in the surrounding waters at once. The Fishing Net will disappear after a certain number of uses, so the player must recraft it and start again.


The Wet Suit allows players to only swim and catch sea creatures that are unique to the game. The Nook’s Cranny is where players can buy the wetsuits and diving gear. They can also craft one by purchasing a DIY recipe for a limited period of time from Nook’s Cranny or catching one when diving.

ACNH Fishing Mechanics

The concentration bar appears when players throw their line or bait. You must monitor this bar to make sure you don’t get a fish too early. The fish will lose interest if they don’t get caught in time. A fish will usually bite three times before it actually bites. The line reel is used to keep the lure moving in a straight direction until the fish bites. Once the fish bites the lure, the player must start reeling it in using the A-button or the left joystick. Monitor your concentration bar as overfeeding can cause the fish to become tired and escape.

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Tips and Tricks to Successful ACNH Fishing Expeditions

Here are some useful tips and tricks for improving your fishing game.

1. Know the Fish

Over 80 fish species are available in the game. Each has its own unique habitat and habits. It is important to know how to find the fish you are looking for and to be patient when waiting for them.

2. Use Bait

Bait increases your chances to catch fish. You can either make your own bait with manila clams, or purchase them from Nook’s Cranny.

3. Fish at the Right Time and Season

During certain seasons or times of the year, certain fish species are only present. If you are looking for a particular fish, find out when and where they appear. Then fish there.

4. Explore Different Locations

Diverse types of fish live in different places. You’re more likely find the fish that you need if you diversify your fishing locations.

5. Look for Fish Shadows

If you are waiting for a fish to bite, look at the water and see if any shadows are swimming. This will increase your chances of catching a bite. You can catch rarer fish by fishing for larger fish shadows.

6. Use Good Timing

The timing is key to successfully catching a fish. You will scare away the fish if you reel in too quickly. Wait until the fish bites before you hold the button.

7. Upgrade Your Fishing Rod

The better your fishing rod, you will catch more rare fish. You can buy better fishing rods from Nook’s Cranny, or you can make them yourself by giving Tom Nook the DIY.

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8. Take a Break to Reset

If your luck isn’t working out, it is important to take a short break. Reset your mind and then try again. Fishing is a great way to relax and improve your mind.


ACNH Fishing is an important aspect of Animal Crossing, as it contributes to the island’s growth, the Museum, and the earning of extra bells. You must understand the mechanics of fishing and use the appropriate equipment to be a successful ACNH fisherman. You can catch rare fish species with patience, skill, knowledge, timing and location.

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