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Anyone who wishes to fish in Georgia’s public waters (oceans, lakes, rivers) must have a Georgia Fishing License. The license allows anglers legal to catch fish in all kinds of habitats throughout Georgia. There are many types of licenses available depending on the angler’s age and the type or fishing they want to do. There are other restrictions, so it is important to fully understand the rules before you fish.

Types of Georgia Fishing Licenses

Georgia offers a variety of fishing licenses. There are both resident and non-resident options. The licenses can be broken down by type and age, including lifetime, short-term, and annual fishing licenses. A lifetime license allows you the freedom to fish for the rest your life. For anglers who wish to fish and hunt, the state offers a variety combination licenses.

Resident Licenses

Georgia residents over 16 years old must have a valid fishing licence. A one-year resident license is available for residents between 16 and 65. Residents 65 years and older can either purchase a 5-year-resident or lifetime license. A lifetime license is also available for residents who are disabled.

Non-resident Licenses

Non-residents over 16 years old must have a valid fishing licence. Non-residents have the option to purchase a short-term or annual license. A non-resident annual license costs $50 and a seven-day license costs $25. A fishing license is not required for non-residents younger than 16 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a fishing licence?

A valid fishing license is required for anyone who wishes to fish in Georgia’s public waters. All persons over 16 years old, residents and non-residents, are eligible to apply for the license.

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Where can I purchase a fishing licence?

A fishing license can be purchased in person at most bait and lure shops, marinas, or other sporting goods stores. A fishing license can also be purchased online through the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website.

Do I need a fishing permit to fish in the oceans?

To fish in Georgia’s coastal waters, you will need a valid fishing licence. The same license is required for lake and river fishing.

Can I purchase a lifetime fishing licence?

Yes, Georgia offers lifetime fishing permits to residents and non-residents. A lifetime license is available to residents 65 years and older, and disabled residents. A lifetime fishing license can be purchased by non-residents of all ages.

What is the cost of a Georgia fishing license?

The cost of a Georgia fishing license will depend on whether you are a resident or non-resident, as well as your age. The cost of an annual resident fishing licence is $12. Non-resident fishing licenses are $50. There are also lifetime and short-term licenses.

Is it necessary to have a fishing license in order to fish on private lakes?

You don’t need a fishing permit to fish on private property. You should always check with the property owner before going. A fishing license may be required if the private property is stocked.

Do I need a fishing license to charter a boat?

You must have a valid fishing permit to fish on any charter boat.

Is there any restriction on fishing in Georgia?

Yes, Georgia has many restrictions on fishing. Fishing in certain areas is prohibited or restricted, and anglers must follow daily bag limits. Anglers are required to use approved fishing gear such as artificial lures and single barbless hooks.

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