Buy a Fishing License in Pennsylvania – The Complete Guide

fishing license in pennsylvania

What is a Pennsylvania Fishing License?

To legally fish in Pennsylvania, you must have a fishing license. A valid fishing license is required for all anglers, regardless their age. The license allows anglers to fish in all waters that are open to the public. It also outlines the rules and regulations that must follow. Anglers who are not licensed may be subject to fines and legal action.

What types of fishing licenses are available?

Pennsylvania offers several types and types of fishing licenses. These include Resident and Nonresident annual and Combination licenses. Senior licenses. Private Pond licenses. There are also specialty licenses like Trout/Salmon permits. Licenses can also be purchased online, by phone, or in person at many retail establishments, including all Pennsylvania Fishing and Boating Commission regions offices.

Annual and Combination Licenses

Annual fishing licenses for residents are valid from December 1st to December 31st in the next year. Non-resident annual fishing licences are valid from the date they were purchased through March 31st the next year. Combination licenses are available. They include both a fishing license and a hunting license.

Senior Licenses

Pennsylvania Seniors over 66 years old can purchase a Senior Fishing License. This allows them to fish and hunt in Pennsylvania without any fees. They only need to have valid fishing license validation. Nonresident seniors 65 and older must purchase a Nonresident Senior fishing license, which is valid for one-year.

Private Pond Licenses

Individuals who wish to fish on private ponds, lakes, or dams must purchase a Private Pond License. This license allows anglers to fish both during the open season and during the closed season. The license must be purchased before you can fish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a fishing license?

All anglers, no matter their age, must obtain a Fishing License to legally fish in Pennsylvania.

Where can I purchase a fishing license?

You can purchase a fishing license online, by phone, or in person at a select retail establishment, including all Pennsylvania Fishing and Boating Commission regional office locations.

How Much Does a Fishing License cost?

The cost of a fishing licence varies depending on what type it is. The cost of a combination or annual license for a resident or non-resident is between $20 and $50. Senior licenses start at $11.

How long does a fishing license last?

The 12-month validity of Resident and Non-Resident Combination and Annual Licenses is from the date of purchase. Senior Lifetime Licenses can be used for the rest of the angler’s lifetime. Non-Resident Senior Licenses can be used for 12 months.

What Species Are Covered by a Fishing License

All species of fish are covered by a Pennsylvania fishing license.

Do I need a special license to fish in private ponds?

Yes, you can legally fish on private ponds, lakes, and dams by purchasing a Private Pond License.

Can I use my license in another state?

Fishing licenses purchased in Pennsylvania do not apply to Pennsylvania waters.

Where can I find more information about what is and is not allowed while fishing in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website provides detailed information about the regulations that must always be followed when fishing in Pennsylvania.

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