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Key West is a top fishing destination. The unique location of Key West on the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico means that there are plenty of fish and other aquatic animals in the waters around Key West. Fishing Key West can be a great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Florida Keys. There are many opportunities to make your Key West fishing trip a success, whether you’re a professional fisherman or if you’re just starting out.

Best Fishing Spots in Key West

There are many options for fishing in Key West. These are some of the most popular spots to cast a line:

The Marquesas Keys

The Marquesas Keys, located nine miles off Key West, offer some of the most exciting fishing in the area. You can find a variety fish species in the waters, including snapper, mackerel and grouper.

Sombrero Reef

Sombrero Reef, located just three miles from Key West, is well-known for its many and varied fish species. Barracuda and tarpon are just a few of the species that you will find here, along with many other types of fish like snappers and tarpon.

Big Bobby’s Reef

Big Bobby’s Reef is a great spot if you are looking for a more private fishing experience. It is located approximately seven miles from Key West, and is well-known for its large concentrations of snapper and grouper.

Elbow Reef

Elbow Reef is just a few minutes from Key West. It offers great bottom fishing. This area is well-known for its redfish, snapper and grouper.

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Western Dry Rocks

The Western Dry Rocks, located off the coast from Key West, are well-known for their large number of larger species of fish like barracuda and tarpon. These fish can often be caught using deepsea fishing equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing in Key West

1. What type of fishing licence do I need to fish in Key West?

A Florida fishing license is required if you intend to fish in the waters around Key West. These licenses can be purchased online, in sporting goods stores, and at local marinas in the Key West area.

2. What kind of fish can I find in the waters around Key West?

The waters around Key West are home for a variety of fish species including grouper and snapper, barracuda and tarpon as well as many other types of fish.

3. Is there a boat launch site near Key West?

Yes! There are many boat launch locations in Key West. There are three boat launch locations in Key West: the Key West City Boat Ramp, located at 2801 Flagler Avenue; the Key West Harbor Boat Ramp, located at 801 Caroline Street; and the Key West City Marina Boat Ramp, located at 3475 S Roosevelt Boulevard.

4. Is it too shallow to fish in the waters around Key West?

No. No.

5. Is there any restriction on fishing in Key West

Yes. There may be restrictions on fishing in certain areas or at certain times of year. Before you go out to fish in Key West, it is important to verify the local regulations.

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6. What kind of tackle should you use for fishing in Key West

The type of fish you catch and the type or fishing you do will determine the type of tackle you use. You should use lightweight spinning rods and reels that have 8-20 pound test lines.

7. Is there a limit on how many fish I can keep at Key West?

Yes. Yes. Florida has strict limits on the number of fish that a person can bring home each day. Before you go out, it is important to verify that all local regulations are followed.

8. What is the best time to fish in Key West during the year?

The season for fishing in Key West usually begins in April and ends around October. There are many species that can be targeted during this period.

9. Is it legal for Key West residents to fish from the beaches?

Yes, you can fish from Key West’s public beaches provided you observe all local regulations and don’t disturb wildlife.

10. Is it necessary to hire a fishing guide for Key West?

No. No. Key West has many experienced anglers who can offer quality advice on where to fish and how to catch the most fish.


Fishing Key West is a wonderful way to relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and catch some great fish. There are many locations and techniques available, as well as a wide variety of species you can target. You can make your fishing trip to Key West memorable with the right gear, knowledge and preparation.

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